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Blue And Black Suit

black and blue suit There is hardly a man’s wardrobe that is devoid of the blue suits. While most would be occupied with the navy or the midnight blue suits there are some wardrobes that are breezy with the light blue or pastel blue suits. Whichever the type of your wardrobe the fact that blue suits are important is irrefutable. Thus it is important that we learn to style the blue suits in different ways without restricting ourselves to the standard styles that we are used to. While blue and white suit combination is the most preferred choice by most men we are going to discuss here about a different look which is the suits combination.

Blue is a color that has become an inherent part of every man’s wardrobe. There are a lot of reasons why it has become the most preferred choice. Among them all the most important one is the versatility of the color. Blue suits can work for any type of event be it formal or casual. Blue suits have become the new black of the menswear. Men especially the ones who work a corporate job cannot live without the navy suits. Thus to get through the week it is important to get to know the different ways in which you can style the same suit.

The shade of the blue suits is one important thing to note. The shade determines the nature of the suit whether be it formal or casual. Thus choose the blue suits shade with care depending on your need. For example if it is a formal event or for business use then you can go with the suits. Usually people go with the navy blue and black suits but know that there are other dark shades also available. For example if you are bored with the navy blue suits then you can go with the midnight blue and black suits. The dark blue and black suit combination would be so conventional like the blue and white suit combination but it would still work out if you keep it minimal. For example choose the minimal choices like black ties or black pocket squares.

A dark blue suit paired with a white and black striped dress shirt and black tie is a standard look that can conform even with the most formal dress codes. Match the black tie with a pair of black leather oxford shoes and this can perfectly give a finishing look to your outfit. The next choice that you have is to go with the two toned outfit. Patterns would be a cool look for the formal events since it is like taking a break from the usual plain suit styles. Blue work well with almost any colors and it is not very different with the blue suits. Patterns are a subtle way to include black into the blue suits. For example a blue suit with black pinstripes will deliver a cool look while also making the stripes slightly more prominent. Pinstripe blue black suit navy is a great choice for people looking for business suit but if you want a casual style then go with the light blue suit with black pinstripes. . These pinstripe suits are recommended for the men who are of shorter stature since the vertical striped garments are known to make the wearer look taller and slimmer than he really is. Thus add a pinstripe suit to your wardrobe especially if you are getting used to the patterned suit style the first time

Other than for business use the dark shade of the blue suits are also recommended for the formal events that require a dress code. For example if it is a formal dinner event or formal wedding then you can choose to go with the blue and black dinner suit. Usually the black tuxedos are the ones that are most preferred but navy dinner suits are an exception which can also work for these events. In fact there is a short time in history when the midnight blue suits were threatening to overthrow the place of the black tuxedo style. Thus if you are not a big fan of the black suit or tuxedo style then you should think of getting a navy tuxedo.

black and blue suit Now if you are getting the suit style for casual use then choose the light blue and black suits. . Because of the contrast between the light and dark shades the resulting look is more telling and would make the outfit more noticeable.

As for the styling here are some ideas which we think might work for you. We have already mentioned about the formal styling of the formal suits outfit and thus we will now move on to the smart casual and casual styling. For a extremely easy to put together but effortlessly stylish look style the blue and black casual suit with a black polo and blue pocket square. To add a stylish casualness to the outfit go with white and navy leather high top sneakers. For a winter outfit you can add some patterns to your outfit style. For example you can style the blue and black check suit with a simple turtleneck or a crew neck knit sweater. Keep the patterns subtle like the gingham checks or such.

But when the summer or spring comes, the freedom to go with the lighter or brighter colors also come with it. For example royal suits would be too flashy or attention grabbing for winter but that is not the case with summer. Other than this you can also go with the busier patterns like the blue and black plaid suits or blue and black floral suits. For some men this whole patterned suit style might feel too intimidating and in that case you can go with the patterned suit jacket and pair them separately with plain combining garments.