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Mens Wool Dress Pants

Wool Dress Pants Wool is the most sought after fabric when it comes to suiting styles. The soft touch and the sophisticated texture of the wool fabric makes it the best choice for making of any comfortable garment. This is especially the most popular fabric when it comes to mens trousers. The softness of the fabric makes it easy to wear all year around and is the best for the trousers since rough fabrics can really make the day uncomfortable.

Now when it comes to mens woollen dress pants they are the ones that you wear without the suit jacket. The suit pants are usually made of lighter wool and hence when worn without the whole ensemble may look misplaced. Thus if you are thinking of mens wool dress pants you will need to get the heavier ones since they are the ones that you can pair with dress shirts or mens sweaters, topcoats or any layering for that matter.

Wool Dress Pants The fit of the mens woollen dress pants should be in a way that it looks snug without it being too tight. The mens wool dress pants should fit the wearer properly along the butt and thigh area and the continue according to your body shape. If you are towards a slightly heavy side then the mens wool dress pants should be of straight cut from the thighs. But if you are on the leaner side then the cut should be such that it tapers from the thighs thus accentuating the wearers leg shape. While you may see the models wearing a super skin fit pants it is impossible to even sit in them comfortably le alone keep them on the whole day.

You should wear your mens wool dress pants slightly higher than your jeans and hence it is better to get the fit that sits on your hips without needing a belt. You can also wear your belts with the mens wool dress pants but it is always better without it. When you are buying a new set make sure to dress in a way that you can try them on before buying. More important is to sit down while wearing them thus checking their fit near your thighs. If the fabric is straining at your thighs or catches on the calves when standing up then know that you will need to get it one size bigger.

Wool Dress Pants There are options still in mens wool dress pants and knowing them makes it easier to choose. If you are thinking of a subtle style for a day wear then grey flannel is the perfect choice. This Classic style can be worn with almost any of the styles thus making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Virgin wool is another classic style that gives you a dark black color which when paired with a crisp white dress shirt gives you a elegant look. Mohair is a fabric that comes from Angora goats which has a little sheen. They are the opposite of flannel and has a crispness that can hold a crease thus making them best to be worn at night and for traveling.