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Alligator Shoes

Alligator Shoe Any man with an interest in fashion and trends would like to own atleast one pair of exotic animal skin shoes. This accent piece of shoes have a great sense of richness to them thus effortlessly injecting personality and style into your wardrobe. Apart from the work shoes, casual ones, boots, loafer shoes that you already have exotic skin shoes are one of a kind you will need to add into your collection. These shoes are of the best quality since they are mostly handmade and always unique made with one of the kind material. Some may argue that owning one is an unnecessary luxury but the feel of these shoes on your feet is a great experience which is hard to hate. Also these shoes are extremely versatile. You can pair them with casual outfits and at the same time wear them with the most formal outfits and still rock it.

Exotic shoes project the image of successful man and also a luxurious look. These shoes can be made from skins of different animals and most importantly reptiles. Some of the most famous ones are the snakeskin,crocodile skin, alligator skin, eels skin, lizard skin, ostrich shoes for men .

Alligator Shoe When it comes to exotic animal skin shoes one of the common and famous choice is the alligator. Many people confuse crocodile and alligator and some think it is the same. They are not to blame since both almost looks same and even google says that we can find the difference by their snouts and smile!! So yes its confusing. But while purchasing make sure to decide on what you are buying and then check the description to place the order. These shoes are extremely sturdy and durable and is hard to stretch which makes them hard to wear out like other shoes. Both in crocodile and alligator shoes the leather comes from the belly area of the animal which is quite soft compared to the armour like top area. The sheen of the scales is very beautiful and can even last for decades. Both are expensive but the alligator shoes are considered to be more of a premium wear.

Now alligator skin shoes are considered to be the godfather when it comes to exotic shoes. American alligator is the one that is used to produce top quality leather for these exotic shoes. The scary reptile weighs almost half a ton on average and can grow upto four or five metres!!! These reptiles are not as bony as the other reptilian counterparts and hence the leather obtained from them is very soft and is also very durable. The softness of the leather makes it easier to process and thus resulting in quality shoes and bags. Alligator shoes are the best in the market and has the highest price range among all others. The scale pattern on these shoes is rectangular and not uniform. They are mostly available in grey and olive green colors. If you want to check whether the shoes you buy are real alligator skin then check for the umbilical scar since they are almost impossible to replicate. They have a sheen to them that makes them look dressy. Original alligator skin shoes are very expensive and easily burn your pockets but there are always cheaper options that comes within your budget.

Alligator Shoe Caiman is the smaller cousin of the alligators and is generally seen in Central and Southern America. Now for the difference between between the caiman and the former, Caiman is of smaller size that is each hide is substantially smaller and therefore the item of the same size has more number of hides. They are easily available when compared to alligator and are of lower cost. However they still cost more than the normal leather like the calfskin. While you may be thinking of getting Caiman over Alligator you will also need to think about the drawbacks. Caiman are very bony and because of that the leather is very stiff and subsequently very hard to work with. Elaborate designs are hence not possible but if you are the one who likes the natural pattern on shoes then Caiman is the perfect choice for you. Calcium is seen deposited in the ridges of the scales on the top thus creating a effect of pattern and also give a color effect on it.

Last comes the crocodile and there are varieties in it. Saltwater crocodiles are present in Indopacific and Australia and the freshwater counterparts are found in Africa. These are one of the largest reptile types present and one look at them can make you run for life. These carnivores have the largest hides and are used for making bigger items like upholstery. The pattern looks similar to alligator if you omit the small details like umbilical marks and the uniformity in scales. The quality of these shoes are good and as for the price they are cheaper than the alligator shoes but are more expensive than the Caimans.

Alligator Shoe Some of the less famous ones are the eel skin, lizard skin and the ostrich skin. Eels are found in both land and water. They are very durable and last for years. These shoes have a nice sheen to it and polishing it is almost unnecessary since the light reflects on the skin nicely. They are soft and comfortable but demands a pretty price for all this.

Lizard skin shoes are one of the recent trends prevalent now. They are available in different styles and varities. They are cheaper when compared to other leathers but is of good quality. They have small scales and are quite regular. They are more of a conservative wear when compared to luxury styles like crocodile or alligator skins.

Ostrich skins are similar to snakeskin and are only differentiated by the bumps seen in this material. They are sophisticated and is a good option for fashion conscious people. They can be available in various colors and styles. The crocodile and alligator skins are preferred by men while the other smaller hide styles are preferred by women.

You may have heard that gator shoes are the best in exotic skin sneakers shoes and wondered what that is. Gator shoes are the slang or shortened version of alligator shoes. From the above details you may have noted that alligator skin is the best choice for the exotic skin shoes. The price range of these shoes can be pretty high and sometimes can even shoot to thousands. This is the range which every men could not afford. This is simply because the materials from which they are made are a rarity and the work that goes into making them is hard and expensive. The original shoes are usually hand crafted and not mass produced which increases their price to a great level. Any two pair of animal or reptile skin shoes are not the same if bought originally. The most of the share of the price is for the hardwork of the designers who put into it a great effort to create unique, elegant and striking piece of footwear. Therefore if spending thousands on a pair of shoes is not your forte then it is always better to go with the imitations that replicate these styles and at the same time has great style to them while being within your budget.

Alligator Shoe The gator shoes are made with extreme care which makes them suitable for their price. First the skin of the alligator that is suitable for the shoes is chosen. Then the shoemakers decide on the particular style they use cardboards or paper forms and after that they lay them down on the selected skin to start making the shoes. The skin is then cut to the required style and shape so that the footwear piece can be formed. All this is manually done and the process is tedious. The amount of hardwork that the shoemakers and the designers put into it is very high which makes the shoes to be of high quality. One small mistake can ruin the entire piece since the raw material involved is also very expensive and hence great amount of care and patience is put into the process. Walking through the process once can help you make sense the price linked with the original piece. Alligators are now an endangered species and hence it very rare to get a genuine alligator skin shoes. Belvedere is one of the brand where you can get authentic pieces of these shoes and also the versions that fit into your budget.

Belvedere alligator skin shoes are made with great care which makes them unique and a perfect piece of style. If you are a shoe lover then Belvedere shoes can be your next obvious choice. The belvedere gator shoes is a supreme and exclusive style that may not be easy to find offline. Therefore it is better to find the original online sites that offer great deals of this quality footwear which can be a perfect addition to your footwear collection.

Alligator Shoe Now when purchasing the mens belvedere shoes it is important to check whether they are authentic since the brands are only as good as their quality goes. Belvedere is a very famous brand and hence it has a lot of look alikes imitating the brand. These fake shoes are usually made of vinyl and also consist of printed leather. Some even are made out of plastic. You can easily find these fake styles since they are overly shiny and no where come near the original crocodile or alligator skin textures. The scales on the shoes also look fake and the sole and heel are also made out of plastic. You will have to check the stitchings on the shoes since most of the fake ones are not even really stitched and simply glued together which will definitely come off after one or two wears. The original style of the Belvedere shoes has a great texture and grain to it which you can check for authenticity by touching them. They simply cannot be duplicated by any of the industrial machines. Also the supple touch of the skin on the original shoes is lost on the industrial made ones since the latter is made in high pressure by crushing the leather which makes them lose their softness. Also one easy way to check out the quality of the Belvedere shoes is by checking out the interior of the shoe which most of the fake designers cheap out on while the original shoes have a point on quality from inside to outside. Also the real Belvedere shoes are lined in soft leather and the fake styles may not be lined fully and will use the inferior quality of leathers or sometimes even vinyl to reduce the cost of the shoes. In real Belvedere shoe pieces there is a stamp or a brass plaque that is attached to the soles of the shoes which proves that they are authentic and made of original crocodile or alligator skin.