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Big and Tall Blazers

Big and Tall Blazer Choosing the fit of the clothing is one of the challenging feat with shopping. Most of the brands tend to go with the standard and ideal sizes and thus it might be hard to find clothes that fit you when you are on the bulkier side. But the problem does not stop with the bulky men since tall men also often face with these fitting problems. In recent times the fashion industry is starting to be understanding of these problems and in turn trying to be inclusive of the these unconventional sizes but the issue persists. In this article we discuss the big and tall blazers and some of the things to note when you are going with this option.

Big and tall refers to a certain body type but on a wide spectrum. When a man is referred to be big that means that he has large measurements through the neck, shoulders and chest. These guys can get these blazers which focus more on the waist measurements. When it comes to tall these are designed for men who are 6'2" or taller. Thus these blazers come with long arm and torso measurements. Most times we think that the bigger men have it bad but there are also problems faced by the tall men. The shirts might be too short to reach below the waist and with jackets these is always the problem of short sleeves. Thus most times the tall guys opt to wear their shirts untucked and roll the sleeves of the shirt to hide the incorrect length. Thus the big and tall blazers focusing on the tall aspect come with longer length and longer sleeves.

Now when it comes to big and tall mens style you should choose to go with big and tall blazers that come with long sleeves and big measurements. These mens blazers are usually for tall men who also have larger waist and chest. When you look for tall blazers make sure you go with the 3XL sizes that come with longer sleeves. It will be best if you try the clothes on to know whether they fit you properly. If you are purchasing online make sure to check the size chart and find the size that will fit you the best. When you are not sure it will be best to go with the slightly bigger style so that you can later take it to your tailor and get it altered to your size.

Big and Tall Blazer There are a lot of styles in mens tall blazers and thus a lot of factors to consider for you to make the right pick. The first thing to note is the fabric of theblazers. This can influence the quality of the blazers and also the comfort of the wearer. Big wool blazers are the ones that are most recommended since they give out a standard look that can be worn to both formal and casual events. And the thing with wool blazers is that they tend to drape well thus fitting you perfectly. This helps a great deal when you are on the bigger side since it will make you look leaner. You can also choose to go with big and tall mens blazers tweed when you need a garment to wear to special occasions like church weddings and office gatherings.

But when you need big and tall summer blazers style then it is recommended for you to go with lightweight blazers. Big and tall cotton blazers are best for formal use while the mens linen blazers are recommended for the semi formal and casual use. Both these fabrics are light in weight and thus would not provide aa drape like the wool blazers. Thus it is important that you go with the perfect fit that will not let the blazer to flap around your body.

Big and tall silk blazers and big and tall velvet blazers are some of the styles recommend when you need a luxurious and dressy style that will turn heads. For a casual and more bad boyish look you can choose to go with the mens big and tall leather blazers and style them with casual garments like tshirt and jeans. Western blazers big and tall come with embroideries and elbow patches and are most recommended for casual use. When you are on a budget then go with cheap tall blazers like polyester big blazers or other synthetic ones since they cost you less than the natural fabric ones.

Big and Tall Blazer As for the color of the big blazers you should choose depending on the one which will suit your need and taste. Usually the bigger men are recommended to go with dark colors since these colors tend to have a slimming effect on them. Thus it will be best for you to stick with the darker shades when choosing the garment. When you need a formal blazer then you can choose to go with the classic styles like the black tall blazers and Navy blue big and tall. But if you are bored with these usual styles and want to try out something different then choose the darker and rich colored ones like the burgundy big and tall blazers and olive green blazers. For big and tall mens casual blazers you can try out the lighter and brighter colors.

Usually most men go with the solid blazers style but the patterned blazers are recently gaining popularity. Vertical striped blazers can make you look taller and leaner. Mens big and tall plaid blazers are also one of the most popular ones when it comes to mens big and tall summer casual dress blazers. Other than these you can also try out the big and tall fashion blazers like the print blazers and Paisley blazers.