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Double Breasted Coat


Double Breasted Suit While there have been arrays of new clothing that arrived every year to add in your wardrobe there is always the space for essentials like the overcoats. It is both a functional and stylish garment that you will especially need in the winter and fall seasons. It is a common knowledge that there are a lot of styles available in the market and if can be confusing for the first time buyer. Therefore it might be a better option if you get to know the basics of the styles and then select the one that will suit your need. In this article we discuss the mens double breasted coats and why you need to have one in your wardrobe.

When we purchase for mens overcoats most of us tend to go with the usual choice of the classic coat which is long and single breasted. While this is a good style to start out there are other styles that you can try which will add personality to your outfit. One among them is the coat which is also known as paletot. This is definitely not a new style and have been a favorite among the prominent personalities like James Dean, Daniel Craig and many more.

As for the history of the coats you can note that most of the iconic classic styles are overcoats were double breasted like for example the pea coat, the great coat and many more. At the early timed the overcoats were designed for functional purposes only and thus the thicker design of the double coats were preferred more when compared to the single breasted styles. The double coats also came with large peak lapels which you can easily pop up and keep yourself warm. This is the reason why the classic coats remained to be popular even when the double breasted suits and jackets fell out of style.

Mens coats are a versatile style and if you go with the right choice then you can wear them with both formal and casual clothing. You just have to get the details right for the style to work out. Following that there are some things that we think you should know about before purchasing for your coats. Since the double coats are winter garments and you are especially getting it to stay warm in the cold then the fabric from which the coat is made is one of the most important things that you will have to note.

Double Breasted Suit The fabric that you choose for the coat should depend on the purpose of your purchase and the intensity of the climate at your place. For example if you are living in a place with winters that harsh winds and snow then it would be a better option to go with wool double breasted. These double breasted wool coats are available in different weights and you can choose the one that is best for your use. If you need a little more comfortable and softer choice then you can go with cashmere double coats. They are definitely better when compared to the wool coats in terms of comfort but the double breasted cashmere coats tend to wear out soon than the wool ones and are also more expensive making them a luxury choice. Other than these usual choices you can also go with fur coats which is a usual style in the Arctic and places of freezing cold climates. If you feel that the double breasted fur coats are too much for your winter then you can go with double breasted with fur collars or fur hoods.

While most of the time the coats are used for their functionality there are some rare cases in which people use them as a fashion choice even in summers and spring. In these cases it would be a better option to go with the lightweight ones like cotton double breasted or synthetic coats so that you won't feel uncomfortable.

The color of the men's coats that you choose also plays a major role in their versatility. If you intend to wear the garment with both formal and casual garments then it would be better to go with classic ones like black double breasted coats or navy double coats. For casual use you can try out the brighter and lighter colors of these coats. Here are some styling ideas that we think might help you if you are thinking of trying out the coats style.

For a smart casual look you can pair the double breasted black coat over an ensemble of brown turtleneck and black jeans. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather casual boots. Other than this you can also style the same black peak lapel double coat over the navy striped vertical suit and red turtleneck. You can complete the look with a pair of brown leather shoes.

Double Breasted Suit Other than this you can pair the charcoal grey double breasted coat over a casual ensemble of white hoodie paired with a pair of black chinos. To complete the laid back look you can add a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. For a winter look you can pair the double breasted charcoal coat over an outfit that consists of white crew neck tshirt, navy knit sweater, navy dress pants and a navy bandana. You can complete the look with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers.

The fit of the coats should be perfect since there is a lot of extra fabric involved and thus can make the garment look bulky. Slim fit double coats and Modern fit coats are the ones most recommended. But if you are thinking of layering then you can go with classic fit double coats or big and tall coats.