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Turtleneck Prom Suit

Turtleneck Prom Suit Prom is one of the most important events to take place in a teenagers' life. It may sound silly when you are a grown up, but we all have gone through the phase of excitement and nervousness about the night. Now when it comes to prom there are two main things that a boy stresses about. The first thing is getting through the nervous breakdown of asking your crush or girlfriend to be your date. After you go through there is the follow up problem of choosing the kind of outfit that you are going to wear to the event.

Turtleneck prom suits are one of the best recommendations for the teenagers conforming to the recent trends. If you are looking for a stylish outfit to stand out in the prom night then you should go with the choice of turtleneck suits. When you are confused with choosing the outfit you can get the advice of someone like your friend or a parent. But most of the time you will get the recommendation of going in a tuxedo for the prom night. Tuxedo is the safest choice if you don't like styling much. But except at least half of the people dressed in the same type of outfit like you. Now if you aren't too thrilled about twinning with your friends like that then you can go with the option of turtleneck prom suit. Turtleneck prom suits aren't much common like the tuxedos and also is versatile. You can wear your prom suit to your graduation or other events by switching the turtleneck with a formal shirt but tuxedos do not have that option. Also, with prom suits there is no dress code and you can style it in a way that showcases your personality.

Turtleneck Prom Suit You can also go with prom suits with button down shirts since it is the classic style but if you want to try out a new trendy style then you can go with turtleneck prom suit. In this style you switch the button down shirt with a turtleneck. With turtleneck prom suit you can style it in different ways according to the event. If you are going with a formal classy look then you can go with turtleneck sweater under blazer look but the turtleneck proms suit option is more classy. This turtleneck prom suit style makes you look unique and at the same time makes you stand out from the crowd of usual tuxedos and suits. As for the color of these turtleneck prom suit if you are going with the formal style then it is best to stick with classic colored turtleneck prom suit. If you are going with smart casual look then you can go with other light or bright colored options of turtleneck prom suits. If you are going with a patterned prom suit then you need to keep the turtleneck in solid color and if the turtleneck that you wear is patterned then it is best to go with solid prom suits. Too much patterns and colors will clash with each other and will make your sloppy and uncool.

Turtleneck Prom Suit If you are going with the turtleneck prom suit style then there are certain things that you will have to do right. Make sure that the fit of the suit and the turtleneck sweateror shirt is proper so that it accentuates your body. If you select a loose fit of the turtleneck then it will greatly affect the fit of the prom suit jacket that you wear over it. The fit also should not be too tight since most of the turtleneck you wear is going to be in the visible range. Also make sure that you style your hair after you put on your turtleneck. People make the mistake of styling the hair before wearing the turtleneck and mess it up totally. This is not a problem with a button up shirt but when you are putting on a turtleneck it will sure mess your hair and therefore it is important that you keep this detail in mind while styling the turtleneck prom suit. Another important thing is the coordination of the color between the turtleneck and the suit. The color of the prom suit you wear and the turtleneck that you pair with it should complement each other instead of clashing with each other. Make sure that the color combination is blended without the turtleneck becoming the main attraction in the outfit.

Turtleneck Prom Suit For example, you can go with same color turtleneck as of the suit. This makes you look stylish and classy. Dark brown suit with dark colored turtleneck is a good choice since most proms happen in the evenings and the dark colors do well under the artificial light. You can also go with other dark colored ones like the burgundy prom suit, gray prom suit,olive green prom suit and many others. The light colors of the prom suits can be selected but make sure that they do not look dull or faded under the artificial light of the evening. The next look is to go with a turtleneck that is of different color from the suit. For example, you can go with a bright blue suit with the turtleneck that has a subdued color. This way you can balance the whole look of the outfit that you are wearing. Another recommendation is to go with the color combination that blends well with each other. Some of the light colors like light blue and pale pink complement each other greatly without making you look odd. You can use these type of combinations on the turtleneck prom suit style that you are sporting. If you are a person who doesn't mind being the center of attention in the event then go with incorporating patterns on the turtleneck prom suit but as said before make sure that the patterns are not too bold and clash with each other too much.