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Hoco Suits

Hoco Suits If you heard the phrase suits and have been confused on what it is then we are here to save your day. Hoco suits is apparently the acronym for homecoming suits and to keep in term with the trend we are here after going to refer the homecoming suits as uits. If you are finishing the school or a parent looking for for your child then you have come to the right place. Here we share some of the ideas for the which you can copy to get through the event.

Homecoming is usually considered to be a less formal prom but different schools host the event in different formats. Thus before you choose the suits it would be best if you consider the type of event at your school and choose an appropriate style. When you go shopping for the mens suits the first recommendation you will get is to go with the black suits. If you are looking for the safest choice then you can take the advice and go with the black hoco should also remember that most of your peers also would take the advice. Thus if you don’t want to be one among the crowd of black suits then you should try going with a different style.

While you choose the mens suits there are a few details that you should include that would make it unique. The color of the suits is one thing that people tend to pay more attention since it is the first thing that people note about your outfit. If you want a cool and formal look then stick with the blue or grey suits. You can leave out the obvious choices like the navy suits and charcoal grey suits and instead go with the less known styles like the midnight blue suits and royal blue hoco suit.

Hoco Suit If you want an interesting look then you can choose to go with the suits in your school colors. We are not talking about going with the exact school colors since it can give out a tacky look and an updated version of your school uniform. But you can touch on the colors a bit and give your own touch to the mens suit outfits. For example if the school colors involve red and white then it would be a great look to style a dark red hoco suit dinner jacket with a white tuxedo shirt and a pair of black tuxedo pants. To finish off the look in the perfect sense you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather oxford shoes. If your school colors involve flashy ones like silver or gold then you can choose to go with the patterned. For example if your school has gold and green as the colors then you can choose to go with gold patterned Paisley dark green mens blazer. When you go with these two toned and such it would be best to go with the simple combining garments since they would give out a balanced look. When you include school colors in your outfits you can also have fun in choosing the garment instead of going with the usual choices like black suits end navy suits. If you do not want to go all out with the hoco suit then you can add the school colors with simple accessories to the outfit.

Usually people have a date for the homecoming day and if you have one then it would be a good idea to coordinate the look with your date. Coordinating your outfit with your date does not mean that you have to go with the matching color outfits. Instead of twinning like that it would be better to complement your outfits. For example if you are going with the navy hoco paisley 3 piece suit look your date can choose a color that complements the color. If it isn’t possible to that much extent then you can match the colors with some of the accessories. For example your tie color can match with the color of your date’s dress. Other than this you can also try matching the look with the pocket squares or even vests. This way the homecoming photos would have a better look.

When you are purchasing for the hoco suits the search does not end with you acquiring the suits. While the suit is half of the outfit the look would be only completed with the right accessories. Take some time to choose the coolest accessories to match the homecoming theme. If you have a theme for your outfit then it would be easy to choose the right accessories. But if you don’t have one then take the hint from the hoco suit.

Hoco Suits For example if you are going with the floral hoco tuxedo jacket then it would be best to keep the accessories formal like the fedora hat and silver watches. But if you are going with the modern styles like the hoco shiny jacket and sequin glitter prom outfits then you can choose to go with the modern mens accessories. For these flashy outfits it would be better to keep the accessories simple or wear no accessories at all since the glitter of the jacket is in itself enough the carry the look.

The footwear is another detail that should be noticed with care. Instead of going with the formal shoes like the oxfords or the derbies it would be better to go with the casual shoes. Swap the oxfords with the loafers since it gives out a cooler and fashionable look. Try going with the suede loafers or the velvet loafers instead of the leather ones. You can also choose to go with the sneakers when you want a youthful look.