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Sandals With the summer fast approaching us, it is time to think about the summer wardrobe. Though it might look too soon for some people, we live by the mantra that being cautious gets us a long way. With the sun boring down on us with no mercy, we will start to view the suits and blazers with contempt. But one other detail that we tend to miss is the footwear. Of course, we need to keep up the look of the business suits with leather shoes or loafers but what about our time? The time we are allowed to wear anything we want. Mens sandals are the best choice for summer vacation since it not only keeps you cool but also provides a chill match for your casual summer outfits.

For people who have been so into the leather shoes and do not know a thing about sandals (though this is highly impossible), sandals are the casual footwear that leaves most part of the feet exposed. The sandals have been in use for a long time now and are considered to be the first style of the footwear that came into existence. Now we have evolved to wearing the mens shoes and mens loafers all the time, but recently you might have noticed that more and more people are trying out the sandals style even with the formal garments. We have shifted towards a style that values comfort over vanity and as a result anything that looks good while being comfortable now makes the headlines.

Sandals Before we go into the details of the mens sandals, it might be best to know some of its history. As mentioned before, this is believed to be the oldest style of footwear known to men but you just don’t realize how old. It is said that the Greek and the Romans were the first to wear the styles of the sandals that we have now but the earliest pair of sandals is believed to date back to at least 10,000 years. There are various names for the sandals all over the world, but the basic sandals design remained to be the same.

With time, we shifted to the closed styles of the footwear and this brought about the use of shoes and loafers. With the advent of these styles, the sandals took the backseat and was considered to be a casual style that the men didn’t dare to wear outdoors. But when you take a look at the young millennials and the Gen Z generation, there is a blind sense of boldness that comes with them in fashion. This has now put the sandals in the forefront and once again the mens sandals are becoming popular. If you are a person who loves to go with comfortable styles and wouldn’t mind experimenting some with your outfit, then you should think of going with the mens sandals style.

Sandals There are different types of sandals and depending on the look that you need, you can make your choice. For example, if you are looking for a slightly formal look since you haven’t quite come away from the shoes style then you can start with the mens dress sandals. These give out a more formal look when compared to the casual sandals. If you are confident enough, you can even style the formal dress sandals with the smart casual outfits.

Also the material from which the sandals are made plays an important role. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that you can wear regularly then you can choose to go with the mens leather sandals. There are also other styles like the suede sandals and synthetic dress sandals. Take some time to look through the styles and then make your pick.

Most of the people are quite new to the mens sandals style and thus might not know much about the styling of the same. Thus we have compiled some of the mens sandals outfits which we think are awesome. You can look through these outfits and find the one that resonates with your idea of fashion.

Sandals Starting with the simple and casual styles, you can style the navy crew neck t-shirt with a pair of olive chinos. To give the outfit a more easy going look, you can add with it a pair of navy casual dress sandals. If you are a person who loves light colors for summer and spring then you can style the white and blue striped crew neck t-shirt with a pair of beige chinos. To break out of the mold, you can add with the outfit a dark green print baseball cap and cognac leather sandals.

Usually people go with the safer choices when it comes to the color of the sandals since we are used to it. Black sandals, navy sandals and brown sandals are the usual choices but since it is a casual style there are much more color choices available. And remember that you are not dressing for your office. You can afford to try out the bright colored sandals or even the two tone dress sandals if you need.

Sandals If you love colors in your outfit, then you can style the yellow short sleeve shirt with a pair of light grey chinos. To add a more casual feel to this outfit, add with it a pair of grey wedding sandals. If you are a fan of tonal outfits then style the violet crew neck t-shirt with a pair of navy jeans and navy canvas sandals. For a cool summer style that you rock during your vacation, you can style the white linen short sleeve shirt with a pair of beige chinos. To complete this near perfect summer outfit, add with it a pair of mens white dress sandals. Usually the dress sandals are all preferred to be in leather but if you want a more casual look, try the canvas sandals. But if the price is too high for you then try going with the synthetic dress sandals.