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Skin Belts

Skin Belts A man's belt is the most underrated fashion accessory on the planet. The common consensus is, the belt is a necessity. Some people say the belt is an item that has a function but no style. This mindset has been around for decades, and it is very shortsighted. Mens leather belts set the stage for a pair of fashionable mens shoes. Shoes not only have to match the belt in color, but shoes also have to match the belt's material. In other words, men's belts are not just accessories to hold the pants up. They help instigate a fashion statement. MensItaly, the mens suits online fashion retailer, is changing the way most men look at belts. It's not only the belt buckle that deserves attention. The type of leather in a belt and the width of the belt tell a fashion story.

History of Exotic Skin Belts & Buckles
 Belts Belts have been around for centuries. In the bronze age, belts were used by men and women to keep pants up. During the first World War, belts were an important part of an officer's uniform. Men started wearing belts in 1920, and it did become a fashion accessory in some part of the United States. Exotic belts with big buckles became a cowboy's fashion statement during the 19th century.

During the 1940s and 1950s, mens leather belts stood out. The skinny belt was a huge hit in the fashion world in the 1950s and 1960s. And in the 1970s, a pair of double pleated baggy pants had to have a skinny belt holding them up. Skinny and thick belts are made from all kinds of leather. The Italian crocodile belt and the Italian alligator belt were hits in the black fashion market in mid-century America. But the exotic ostrich belt and a pair of ostrich boots made Cowboys feel like they should be on the cover of Western Vogue during the last part of the 20th century. Western Vogue didn't exist, but that didn't matter to the well-dressed cowboys that lived in the South and the West.

Skin Sagging became popular in prisons several years ago. The trend became "Ghetto Fashion" over the last two decades. Wearing baggy jeans, or a pair of dress pants well below the belt line, still required a belt to keep them above the ankles, so the belt is an important part of that fashion look. The Italian crocodile belt, exotic belts , and alligator belt should not be used for sagging or for disciplinary purposes.

MensItaly Accessories & Mens Suits
Skin Belts MensItaly has an incredible assortment of exotic skin belts, the ostrich belt , and the Italian alligator belt in stock. The company also explains how those belts are in sync with today's fashion trends. Men's leather belts are an important fashion accessory. Wide belts, skinny belts, and belts that fall in between those two looks care featured on the Italian suits website.

Fashion trends may come and go, but belts will always be part of the fashion industry. Belt buckles may change, and the width and leather may change, but the belt will always take its rightful place around the waist of a well-dressed man.