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Navy Blue Tuxedo Jacket

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If you are a person who is already bored of the usual black tuxedos and looking for an equally classy style of tuxedos then it is time for you to try navy blue tuxedos. The navy blue tuxedos for men are one of the most elegant and style forward garments that you will see in the mens wear. Navy blue tuxedo for men is the best choice when you want to look distinct in the sea of black tuxedos. Most men tend to avoid navy blue tuxedos seeing it as a risk and restricting it to celebrities and the sartorially elite people. But we assure you that navy blue tuxedos for men is a good choice when you want to stand out and at the same time maintain the elegance of the tuxedo. There was once a time in history when the blue tuxedos were preferred more than the black tuxedos since they were known to look blacker than black under the artificial light of the evenings.

Navy blue tuxedos for men can serve any formal events given they are appropriate for it. If you are going for a strict black tie event then these navy blue tuxedos aren't going to work. Therefore it is important that you consider the event before you select the color of the tuxedo. If the event is in any way semi formal or casual then the navy blue tuxedos for men will definitely work as like the black tuxedos sometimes even better than that. Royal blue tuxedos especially are great for weddings especially for the ones that are held in summer since they look great under natural light and gives a light twist when compared to the black tuxedos. It is a good choice for groom since it will make the man stand out from the guest and groomsmen who will mostly appear in black tuxedos. For a more distinct look you can go with velvet navy blue tuxedos for men which gives you a sophisticated look.

The next thing that you will have to consider is the color of the shirt that you are going to pair with the navy blue tuxedo for men. The classic option is always to go with a crisp white shirt with a wing collar. Since you are wearing this ensemble for a formal event then it is a must to have French cuffs. Even if the collars of your shirt is non descript then you can add details like studs instead of buttons to make them look more formal.

Some of the other details that you will have yo focus upon while wearing this navy blue tuxedos for men is the accessories and the shoes. Since navy blue is a rich color you can wear a pair a blue velvet slip ons to match the classy look. If the weather is too cold for the slip ons then you can go with either dark blue or black formal shoes. As for accessories go with ones that complement the whole look.