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Cadet Suits

Cadet Suits If you are a person who loves the vintage clothing and love to learn more about it then you might already know about the cadet suits. For people who have no idea of it, we are here to explain. Cadet suits refer to the two piece set of the long shirt with matching trousers. These are also popularly known as the safari suits and were one of the most popular items of menswear. A person who watches a lot of old films might have come across the top stars of that time wearing the cadet suits. Though the csuits have fell from the popularity since, they still are fondly remembered whenever there is a costume event involved. In this article, we intend to discuss more about the mens suits and we hope that it would be an interesting read for you.

The cadet suits were at the height of popularity in the 1900s all with the icons of that time like Ernest Hemingway and Sean Connery as James bond were parading in the same. It was the new sensation and people were all for trying out the new style. The suits mens was considered to an appropriate summer wear of that time and the people loved the easy to maintain and cheap style. But where was the origin of the cadet suits and how did it become so popular?

The suits were inspired by the Indian military uniforms. The British military at that time went with the bright red uniforms but with the warfare changing from face to face combat to trenches and ammunition, they wanted the uniforms to be more subtle. The Indian army was already there with the khaki colored uniforms which blended easily with the terrain of the country. Thus the British decided to upgrade their uniforms and soon the lightweight and subtle colored British uniforms came into place.

Cadet Suits As for the cadet suits, they were the casual garments that the British chose to battle the warm climatic conditions during their colonial time in India. The cadet mens suits were made from cotton or lightweight fabric and they were mostly of brown, khaki or green color so that they could blend in with the terrain. Even after the British left the country the influence of the mens formal suits continued both in India and Britain.

The popularity of the cadet suits increased among the people and they considered it to be a elite style. They were also commonly known as the leisure suits and was used for the summer holidays. The cadet suits also made an appearance in the James bond movies and even Prince Charles was seen wearing the suit.

The cadet suits have evolved in style over the years. Apart from the lightweight materials, the cadet suits mens are also now produced in finer fabrics and the style has also modernized. The cadet mens suit designs had become popular both in mens and womens fashion. If you are a person who loves to experiment with the style then you should be choosing to check out the cadet mens suits collections.

Cadet Suits You can choose the classic cadet suits for men if you want to retain the authenticity of the garment. These mens suits come with the lightweight styles and has flap pockets. Since they are of two piece nature, you don’t have to try too much with the styling. We would suggest you to stick with the original style of going with the khaki colored suits or the brown cadet suits. If you are looking for unique mens suits then you could choose the ones that come with the belts around the waist area.

Whichever the style of the mens cadet suits you choose, you should be making sure that you find the best quality suits. The fabric used for the making of the mens suits will influence a lot of factors like the durability, cost and more. If you are intending to use the style often and want it to last then you should choose the costly cadet suits for men which are made of quality fabrics. But if you are trying it out simply for the pleasure and wouldn’t want to spend much on it then you can choose the cadet mens suits at the lowest price.

As for the fit, since there is only the shirt and the pants involved, you should make sure to go with the perfect fit. Designer suits are often recommended for the impressive fit but the price might be a little high. You could also choose the cadet suits readymade style for the right fit. Take into account your body type and then choose the right fit that would flatter you.

Cadet Suits There are formal cadet suits which are subtle in style. You could be using them for the formal gatherings but there are also mens suits for events. The color of the suits plays a major role in the look offered by the outfit. Go with the black or grey suits for the simple look. But if you are looking for mens party cadet suits then you could choose to go with the bright colored cadet suits. These unique mens suits would provide you with the right look and would also give out a look that makes you look the best among the people choosing the same type of look all the time.

We urge you to check out the suits collection for men in our site. You could filter out the styles depending on your preference and then get the best look. For example, you could choose the price range of the suits and then you can find the right look. You can also check out the cheap cadet suits online if you are on a tight budget. Finding the right style matters the most and hence make sure to spend enough time to check out the styles.