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Polka Dot Sport Coats

 Polka Dot Sport Coat When it comes to patterns men tend to stay on the safer side by restricting themselves to the stripes and windowpanes. While these work for almost all occasions it will be best for you to try out something new which looks different than your workwear. Polka dots are considered to be a cheerful pattern and popular in the clothing world for a long time. In this article we discuss the polka dot sport coats and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Most men would have no problem with using them in mens accessories like ties and pocket squares but would freak out when it is suggested to be used on the clothing. This might be because of the fact that the pattern is more prevalent in womenswear and thus wearing polka dot garments can be looked as girly. But in recent times men are becoming more open towards fashion and trying out new styles. Thus polka dot sport coats might be one of the best styles that you can add to your wardrobe.

As mentioned before polka dots are not a new style and have been in the fashion world for a long time now. In fact they are one of the oldest known patterns which have weathered all the years to still remain popular. Before we delve into the details of the styling of the polka dot sport coats it will be best for you to know the history of fashion's love affair with polka dots. Polka dots have been in use for a long time but they received the spotlight in America when in 1926 Miss America of that time was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit. Later in 1928 Disney released the Mickey mouse cartoon in which the Minnie mouse wore the red polka dot dress with a matching bow.

Polka Dot Sport Coats Soon the pattern became popular and there were many polka dot clothing that appeared in the stores for sale and the trend continued even through 1940s. But all these was in womenswear but in 1962 marvel released the polka dot clad superhero comic in which the hero used polka dots to defeat his enemies. By 1965 the craze has reached the heights when Bob Dylan posed for the cover of EP in a striking green polka dot dress shirt. Even today polka dot print is one of the most popular ones among men which celebrities like Lionel Messi and Joseph Gordon Levitt embracing the trend.

While the polka dots have remained to be a popular style it has undergone many changes so that it adapts to the changing taste of the people. When you choose to go with mens sport coats there are a few things that you will have to note for it to be the perfect pick. There are a lot of styles in these dot coats and you will have to know their uniqueness to select the one that will suit you the best. For this figure out the type of look that you expect of the coats and it might also help if you think of the nature of event that you are intending to wear the coats.

The head to toe polka dot clothing would never work out especially if the polka dots are of larger size. Thus when you choose the ensemble it will be best to restrict the pattern to the sport coats alone while keeping the combining garments simple and solid. As for the type of the polka dot coats the first thing that catches the eye is the size of the polka dots. If you need a simple style that would not attract much attention then we would recommend you to go with the smaller size of polka dots on the sport coats. Pin dots are the smallest ones which appear like they have been painted with the point of the needle and would appear like a solid garment from a distance. If you are in need of a formal polka dot coat then it will be best for you to choose these pin dot sport coats. As the size of the dots increase on the mens polka dot coats more casual they become.

Polka Dot Sport Coats The density of the polka dots on the garment also affects the look of your outfit. If the polka dots are small in size then they will be placed close together and the garment looks formal. But when you choose the polka casual sport coats the polka dots are relatively larger in size and they are places further apart which makes the pattern apparent even from a distance. The single breasted polka dot coats are the ones that are most recommended since they are the most versatile but if you want a different look then try out the polka double breasted sport coats. The most standard style is to go with polka 2 button sport coats.

As for the color of the mens polka dot coats you can choose the style which suits the event or purpose of purchase. Mostly the polka dots on dark colored garments are white in color but there are also styles with the polka dots coming in darker shades. Polka dots of the same shade on the garment will make them blend and give out a subtle style but these dots with contrasting color on the garment will give out a casual look.

If you are getting the garment to wear to a formal or semi formal event stick with the darker and classic styles like the black sport coats and navy sport coats. These are the best for men who are trying out the style for the first time. But when you are ready to try out flashier styles of the garments then you can choose to go with the polka mens fashion sport coats like black flower polka dot sport coats and such.