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White Blazers

White Blazer Mens blazers are garments that bring out the confidence and class of men when styled right. Especially if it is of an unconventional color like white then it exudes some kind of authoritative vibe that makes it one of the best power garments. Now you may think that white might be a little harder to pull off since the neutral color is bright then you will have to think again. White can be a great look when fitted and styled right. Thus in this article we give some tips on how best to style the blazers and why you should get one for yourself.

For people who think that blazers are hard to pull off when styled right and to the right occasion they may be one of the best outfit choices that you will make. Since white is a bright color it might be best to reserve the usage of white blazers to the warmer months like summer and spring since the excess sunlight will make them look appropriate. Also the white blazers are a good choice for formal events like white tie events and other morning events that would require you to dress up.

As for the fabric of the white blazer, wool white are a good choice for formal events but the thick fabric might feel uncomfortable in the hot months. Thus for these months you can go with lightweight blazers like cotton white and linen white . For dressy rich look you can try your hand with luxurious fabrics like silk blazers and velvet blazers. As for the cheap priced ones the synthetic fabrics like polyester white and rayon white are recommended. Now if you are thinking of getting a stylish white blazer for yourself half of the success lies in properly selecting the blazers and the other half success lies in perfectly styling the outfit. Here are some recommendations that might help you with both the processes.

White Blazer When purchasing the garment the first thing that you will have to keep in mind is the event for which you are going to style the white blazer and the purpose for which you are styling it. Depending on this the styling of the white blazer should be done so that it conforms well with the atmosphere of the event. Now for example if you are attending a morning event where you are required to be present dressed up then you can pair the peak lapel blazer with a black white shirt and black dress pants. You can add a gold colored pocket square and gold colored tie to enhance the look. The advantage with the black and white combination of this outfit is that the contrast between the two colors makes the outfit look stunning. When it comes to mens accessories it might be a good choice to add a belt and a watch but make sure that you match the gold hue of the outfit.

Now if you are attending a wedding and better yet you are the groom then you can go a little designer with the white blazer jacket look. For example you can go with designer white that comes with intricate details. White are good choices for weddings since they match the celebratory vibe and also will make you stand out on your special day. For example a shawl lapel blazer paired with a white dress shirt, black dress pants and black bow tie is a good look. For a distinct garment you can go with blazers that come with different colored lapels. If you are the guest to the wedding ceremony then mostly it is advised to refrain from wearing white outfits. But there is no strict rule that bans you from wearing it unless if the dress code that comes with the invitation of the wedding states so.

For a little more casual yet dressy look you can pair the notch lapel white blazer with a white dress shirt, a navy checked undercoat and a beige tie. As for the pants you can go with dark colored ones like charcoal gray dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of white canvas high top sneakers.

If you are thinking of styling the white blazer as a formal style like the one you can wear to the office on a regular summer day then you can pair the 2 button white blazer with a white dress shirt, blue polka dot tie and khaki dress pants. You can add formality to the outfit by adding a pair of black patent leather shoes.

White Blazer For a casual summer look you can pair the single button white blazer with a casual white shirt and blue jeans. To get a laid back look you can add a pair of dark brown sunglasses and beige canvas espadrilles. For these type of looks the linen white blazer is the best since the garment easily gives out a cool vibe. The linen garments are usually avoided for formal uses since they tend to wrinkle easily but when it comes to summer events there is no better look than the slightly crumpled linen blazers. For example a linen casual white blazer paired with a white linen long sleeve shirt and beige dress pants might be the beach party look you are looking for. Complete the look with a pair of brown leather sandals.

Another important thing when it comes to blazers is the fit. The light colored garments tend to stand out much and the wrinkles also show much in white. Thus make sure that you go with the perfect fit of the white blazer. For a formal style it might be best for you to go with slim fit white blazers or modern fit white. The skinny fit white blazers are a good style for casual dressy style. Classic fit blazers are the best for casual laid back look that is best for summer events.