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Green Suits

Dark Green Hunter Suit When we purchase for suits we mostly reach for the Navy and charcoal gray suits as if on instinct. This might be because of the fact that we men are most used to these colors and feel comfortable wearing them. Also these colors are easy to style since they are most familiar. But with the times changing it is time to venture out and try out new styles of suits. In this article we discuss the green suits and why you should consider it to be your next choice if you don't already have one in your wardrobe.

The colored suits trend have been booming for quite some time and if you note closely then you would have noted that the suits is having a prime time. All the prominent clothing brands have their models lined up in green suits for the fashion shows and the celebrities are also loving the style. The suits are available in different shades but the dark hues are the ones that are getting the major fan following in recent times. This might be because of the rich and elegant hue of the shade and how perfectly it works for the formal garments like mens suits, mens blazers and even mens tuxedos. If you are convinced already and thinking about trying out the suits style then it would be a better choice to read the article further since we provide with some of the valuable tips on how to style the garment perfectly.

When it comes to suits are any colored suits the most important thing is the fit. This was one of the main reasons why the colored suiting could not have major footing in the early times. The fit of the earlier times were mostly loose but with time the fitting of the suit has come a long way. Nowadays you have fittings that can flatter men of all body types thus gaining a major advantage for the suits or any of the colored suits. Thus make sure you go with the perfect fit of the high quality suits so that it will look good on you.

Hunter Suit Custom made suits are a great investment but the price involved might be considered to be too much for some people. Thus you can go with off the rack options and you can choose the fit depending on your need. Skinny fit suits and slim fit suits are mostly recommended for semi formal and casual events where the fitted look of the suit is perfect for the wearer. The modern fit suits are perfect for both formal and casual styles. You can wear this suit complete with a mens dress shirt and a tie for a office day but you can also style the same suit with a T-shirt for a party. Classic fit suits are best when you need a roomier fit that you can wear comfortably for the whole day.

A wool suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and black striped tie is a elegant look that looks great when completed with a pair of dark brown leather loafers. Though rare some would prefer going with cashmere green suits but it is best to reserve them for the most special events since they are expensive and also impossibly soft thus wearing out easily.

Cotton suit paired with a white dress shirt and a dark green tie is a easily put together formal outfit for a summer day. You can add a pair of black leather derby shoes to perfectly complete the look. Green looks great when it is made from linen and it is a mere coincidence that green also looks great in warmer seasons like summer and spring. Thus the green linen suit becomes a must have for any man's summer wardrobe. A linen notch lapel suit paired with a white crew neck tshirt is a fool proof trendy outfit that you can wear for summer events or a simple day around the city with your friends. For a casual finish of the look add a pair of white canvas low top sneakers.

The luxurious ones like silk suits and velvet suits have a special place among the sartorially elite since the dark hue combined with the natural sheen of the material gives out a sophisticated look that is hard to ignore. A silk three piece suit paired with a white dress shirt and red pocket square is a good choice for a special occasion like award events and such. But if you are not a fan of the 3 piece vested suit look then go with the simple 2 piece suit look.

Green Suit If you are the groom and also a person who is bored of the mens black suits tradition for the weddings then a velvet suit might be a good choice. A shawl lapel suit paired with a white dress shirt and navy tie is a nice look for the special day. You can also opt to go with suits that come with contrasting colored collars. Suit with black lapel complete with a boutonniere is a good look that will make you look special. You can complete the look with a pair of tobacco leather oxford shoes.

The single breasted green suits are often the ones that are most recommended because of the one for all option. It is true that if you go with the boys green suit you can style them both for formal and casual use. But the double breasted suit has a unique look that makes you look authoritative in the room full of usual dressers. Thus be clear of your requirement and go with the one that gives you the maximum result. 2 button suits is a good look for men of almost all body types while the single button suits are the best for men with short stature.