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Black And White Suit

Black And White Suit To every men who are introduced to the suiting world it is a clear fact that the suit is the most formal look and is the most basic one. But in recent times the black and white suit had undergone a lot of turmoil while being labelled as boring and non creative. This might be because of the fact that the suit style has been in menswear almost since the origin of the suits and truth be told mankind has often got sick of this suit look. But there is a reason why it has thrived all through these centuries and still continue to the be the most formal look available. Now for the young suiters and the modern ones who are still wary about the suit outfits here are some ideas in which you can style the outfit – both in old and new ways.

Black suit is the first suit for almost all men since it is a staple for every man’s wardrobe. Even though they are considered and argued to be boring they still have their place in the formal suiting world and this cannot be refuted. For example even if you have a wardrobe fill of colorful suits ( though it is highly unlikely) when there is an invite to the black tie event you still revert back to the black and white tuxedo suit style since that is the only one that seems appropriate to wear for the event. This suit offers an universal look that men from any part of the world can connect to and this makes them greatly powerful in the suiting world.

Now before we go into the tips on styling the mens black and white suit here are some of the things that we would like you to note when you purchase for the suit. There are some common mistakes that men do while picking out the classic suit which results in the look to be boring. Thus make sure to take some time in figuring out the right style of the suit that will make the outfit worth it.

Black And White Suit Fit of this suit or any suit for that matter is a factor that often gets mentioned while there is a recommendation for the purchase of the suits. But still we can’t emphasize enough on this even if it is dark colored suit like black suits. Suits are the pinnacle of formalness and there is nothing more disappointing than an ill fitting black suit. Thus go with the sharp and crisp fit of the suits that will flatter your body type. A properly fitted suit design will demand attention and make you the best dressed out of the crowd.

Our recommendation would be to skip the skinny fit suits and go with the black and white slim fit suits. The trousers of the suit should also fit you clean through the thigh and can have a little break in the front. Again leave out the classic fit suits and go with the modern fit suits.

The next thing that we would suggest for you is not to be afraid spend money on the suit. Most men think that suit is the common look and thus there shouldn’t be much money that goes into these mens suits.But all the smaller details matter and only when you spend an appropriate amount on the suit it will look the best. Thus make sure to choose the fabric and the cut of the suit properly and don’t be afraid to invest nicely on tye suit.

Custom made suits would be the best look but if you still aren’t ready to spend that much opt for a standard off the rack suits. 100% wool suits would be a good choice if you are getting the first suit but if you want a lightweight pick go with the cotton suits. These offer a formal and dressed up look while the casual ones like the suit linen would be a good choice for fun summer events.

One thing that makes the suits boring is the plain look of it. Thus to overcome this problem we would suggest you to go through the textured ones available in the market. For example black and white tweed suit would offer a deeper look than when compared to the plain wool suit look. Go through the options of different suit sets and then make your pick.

Black And White Suit After you have picked the best suit here are some styling tips that might help you get the best out of it. We all know the formal styling of the suit complete with the white dress shirt and the black tie. Thus we want to offer you a glimpse on other styles that you can achieve with the mens black and white suits. For example when you want a smart casual styling of the outfit then you can choose to style the black and white 2 piece suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and complete the look with a pair of black leather loafers.

If you are feeling a little chilly then swap the white t-shirt with a white turtleneck, pairing it with black and white dress suit and then you are ready to go. On the other hand if you are feeling too monotonous with the outfit then you can add colors using the garments like odd vests or ties. There is also the chance for you to try going with the patterns on the suits like the black and white checkered suit and black and white floral suit or for a subtle dresser black and white striped suit would be a good pick.