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Tuxedo Blazer

Black-Shawl-Lapel-White-Tuxedo-Blazer Tuxedos are formal garments that are the basis of any black tie attire. The jacket is the most important element of a tuxedo since it garners the most attention. Hence it is important that you know the details of tuxedo suit. Hence in this article we are going to discuss about some tips that will help you easily style the tuxedo blazer.

The tuxedo differs from the mens suit mainly in the details of the jacket. The first thing that you will have to note is the lapels on the tuxedo blazer. The blazer have facings on the lapels that are of satin or grosgrain which is a provision that is absent in the suit jacket. This makes the tuxedo blazer look more dressy and elegant. If you want a formal look that is suitable for black tie events then it is best to go with peak lapel tuxedo blazer. But if you want to use the garment for a more dressy look that you can wear to special occasions like weddings then it is best to go with shawl collar tuxedo. Make sure you select the right one keeping in mind your need.

The major advantage with the blazer is that you can also style them as separates. Thus a tuxedo blazer will be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. The first look is the traditional one. You can wear the tuxedo complete with satin trimmed pants, a white shirt, a bow tie and a pair of patent leather shoes. This is the most formal look that you can go with and is appropriate to even black tie and white tie events.

Single-Breasted-Pink-Skinny-Blazer For a smart casual look you can pair the tuxedo with denim. The contrast of the formal tuxedo with the casual denim will create the perfect middle of the road look. But make sure that you select the right set of denim. For pairing with tuxedo it is best to go with dark wash, slim cut fitting denim for a proper look. Avoid going with rugged jeans since it will create a sloppy look when paired with formal. You can forgo the white dress shirt and instead go with a black dress shirt for a distinct look. Other than the solid dress shirt you can also go with patterned shirts that will maintain the smart casual balance of the look that you are going for. You can complete the look with a pair of stylish loafers.

The color of the tuxedo of blazer is one of the main thing that you should note. For a versatile choice you can go with black tuxedo blazer or navy blue tuxedo blazer since you can pair them with almost any outfit. Other than this you can also go with brighter ones like burgundy tuxedo blazer and red tuxedo if you want a distinct look. For a stylish look you can go with patterned ones like paisley tuxedo and floral tuxedo blazer.