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Do you want to look fashionable all the time? Then, this article is for you. Mens Fashion has dramatically changed over the years and these days there are men wearing stylish outfits, ornamenting with attractive accessories and even wearing a nice pair of dress shoes. In order to stay in fashion, you need to understand very few things and then proceed. If you want to be a fashionable male then you need to understand a few things. Firstly, mens fashion is what you make it and it is simply nothing more. There are many different styles in mens fashion and you need to figure out what your individual style is and how to accessorize your style right. When you get back into the history of mens fashion, you will find numerous amazing facts.

In the ancient days, when men had nothing to wear, they used to cover their body with animal skins but today it is a trend to wear outfits made of exotic skin. There has been a radical shift a few centuries ago when men wore high heeled peculiar outfits and wigs to cover their head. But happily, today’s modern clothing articles have found a perfect balance between articulacy and socially accepted modes of dressing. Gone are the days, when women alone had the freedom to change their wardrobe as per their needs and wishes, but with the advent of many fashion designers today, men too have started changing their collections in accordance with the seasons and personal fashion preferences.

With today’s mens fashion clothing articles, you can express your individual personality excellently and freely. In fact, you can find a limitless array of styles and looks to choose from. Whether you want to rock in a prom event or want to be a corporate shark in business suits, there is surely one clothing item available to meet all your fashion demands. Obviously, certain dressing styles will come up with some flip flops, but today’s mens fashion has finest solutions to raise above all those flaws. Firstly, make certain that you are investing in good quality clothing articles and they fit your body shape best. Even though the clothing pieces you choose are quite expensive, the classic timeless effect of the clothing will worth the amount spent.

Mens fashion clothing pieces are available for almost all seasons at attractive prices. For instance, you can go for wool suits during winter and cotton suits during summer. Irrespective of the season, you can always wear classic trench coat in tan color. In order to keep the colder elements at bay, you can settle for cashmere sweaters, cardigans and full length suits. If you would like to have vintage style in your look, you can go for 1920s mens fashion with no second thought.

Once you have all the basic elements of dressing in place, you can add spice into your look by choosing a distinctive style first. You can also personalize your collections by adding a few more elements and give a touch of sophistication and sexiness to your look. These styles can be anything from roaring 20s fashion to 1930s mens fashion to today’s contemporary fashion. It is always good for you to choose mens fashion clothing that states exactly who you are and showcase your distinctive style. You can mix and match your clothing with different styles and stand a step ahead of others in fashion challenge. Discussed here are some important mens fashion items that have never gone out of the style arena and will never go away in future:

1920s fashion

We were not born in 1920s but we are quite interested in knowing the fashion items during that time and how it evolved over years. It was the time when fashion made a drastic change in its look. It was an era when men totally transformed the way they dress up and started moving for different styles in mens fashion. Not only 1920s mens fashion is renowned for eye catching outfits, but also the era is well known for men’s fashion accessories like trilby hats, fedora hats, dress shoes, unique hair styles, sunglasses, neckties, bowties and much more to add.

Men became liberated that time and started going for clothing pieces that were highly comfortable to them. That time men changed their look from more conservative to sporty one. Even today, the suits worn by modern men are influenced by mens fashion of 1920s period. Even today, the clothes worn by men are influenced by male fashion of that era. If you have got a chance to wear vintage mens fashion, there is no better way to showcase your individual persona by simply adding Men’s 1920s Suits and fashion accessories. When you are dressed in 1920s mens fashion, you can get both vintage style and retro style look that will be more perfect for traditional weddings.

Wearing vintage mens fashion is also an excellent way to experiment and use your fashion proficiency to create attractive and dazzling combinations in your existing clothing line. No amount of high street shopping can beat the joy of buying mens fashion suits and accessories online. It is the safe and secure option too. After exploring the array of mens fashion items, you can pick exquisite fashion clothing pieces that are perfect for you. Once you entered in the 1920s mens fashion, there is certainly no going back, because you will fall in love with that style and will never come out of it.

With no doubt, mens fashion in 1920s era is the way forward. Fedora hats were also in the spotlight during that time and were worn by fashion minded men for all their important events and occasions. Still now, these hats are preferred by many fashion aficionados for wedding events that are organized with vintage theme. In short, there is a lot more to discover about 1920s mens fashion and understand the style sense of that specific era. This is the major reason why it is called as roaring 20s mens fashion.

1940s fashion

When you think about 1940s mens fashion, the first thing pops your mind is convenience. During that time, men only had little variety to their collections like wide lapel 3 piece suits, flat front pants, formal slacks and fedora hats. These basic things alone were all needed by the men that day. The best part of 1940s mens fashion was dress shoes and fedora hats. From that period to current mens fashion, fedora hats do have their own place in the minds and hearts of modern upscale gentlemen. In 1940s era other hats that caught the attention of every mind were panama straws, bowler hats and porkpies and they were frequently worn by fashion aficionados.

Colors ranged from traditional black and grey to brown and navy. In that period, men’s zoot suits and gangster suits were also commonly worn by men. In fact, gangsters wore the same clothing pieces as any 1940s men did. Generally, gangsters and villains were portrayed in movies with dark colored pinstripe long trench coats and fedora hats. It is true to some extent too. Being wealthy and talented, gangsters dressed up in very high end clothing pieces in a range of both dark and light shades. For a more urban style look, 1940s men chose to wear baggy pants and oversize suit jackets with wide brimmed fedora hats. In short, 1940s men set themselves apart in the fashion game with their unique and own style that today’s modern men long to have.

1960s fashion

It would not be wrong to say that 1960s was the time when many fashion minded men emerged and fashion was at its peak. During that era, new fashion trends were coming into existence and the old trends were also being transformed in accordance with the new fashion standards. Some of the mens fashions launched during that era are still in vogue today and will continue to be in vogue forever. They include polka dot suits, black trilby hats and sleek shiny outfits. These fashion clothing articles have withstood almost 60 years and they brought many fashion trends and accessories with them. There is no doubt that polka dot suits have been a part of fashion industry over 200 years now, but they came into existence only by 1960s men who made them a desired clothing item.

By the late 19th century, these suits were on the decline and they were once again popular in the 1960s era. They were commonly seen with neckties and bowties to give a dressier look. On the whole, 1960s period was a good time for mens fashion. That era has given us many extraordinary styles which are still in fashion. If you are a fashion aficionado, this is the time to give your wardrobe a complete change with 1960s mens fashion and reach heights in fashion. Polka dot patterns still occupy a strong place in mens fashion today. You can have suits with either bigger dots or smaller dots and look quite stunning. Smaller polka dot patterns with matching ties are extremely popular in mens fashion today. These suits mostly do come in two toned options like blue and white, red and white, black and silver and white and blue.

When you are dressed up in 1960s mens fashion, you can excellently express your individuality and look stylish wherever you go. If you would like to look sexy and stylish all the time, you need to understand one thing clearly that the work for mens fashion starts from you and you alone can make yourself a fashion icon everywhere you go. Getting firmly into mens fashion is the only way to become a style icon that you always desired. Whatever clothing articles you choose from vintage mens fashion, you are sure to look good and rock all your events. Be it a suit or trilby hat or pair of Italian shoes, they can accentuate your positive features and help flaunt your figure proudly. More than keeping you warm, these clothing pieces act as a perfect wrap to showcase your finest features.

Always know what is required to impress people and stick with it right. Even a pair of simple dress shoes will work wonders for you. If you are below average in height, you can go with a stylish pair of dress boots because they will help you with the visualization of looking taller and slimmer. If you get to know the decades of dress in mens fashion, you are done. Every single decade of fashion has some similarities along with the constant evolution of unique style and creativity and it alone separates men of each generation. In fact, men of 1930s era started developing unique styles from other cultures with fashion crazes coming and going alongside. 1930s mens fashion was gradually creeping their way back to everyday style and that era is the perfect example of how mens fashion develops over time. In a nutshell, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1960s mens fashion was renowned for 2/3 button suits, topcoats, fedora hats, corsets and attractive gloves.

Every single decade was inspired in some ways by previous fashion histories through the years. The style of roaring 1920s greatly influence 1930s mens fashion and then the same happened for next consecutive years. The notion that each decade is inspired in some part by previous ones is very much supported by this rundown of fashion through the years. Polka dot suits and fur collar suits are an obvious call back to the 1980s along with formal/casual pants, as of 2015, started to make their way back into the style of western culture. If you do have vintage style clothing articles in your wardrobe collection, you don’t need to worry about throwing them away since personalizing options will help you get them back in style. Choose to wear vintage style suits and let them speak your style!