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Blue Tweed Suit

Tweed suits have got a reputation but it is changing. It was the fabric of the old people and geography professors but with time the fabric has managed to captivate even the younger people. If you are a person who is quite bored with your usual wool and cotton suits then it is time for you to try out the mens tweed suits. Tweed suits mostly come in the darker shades but nowadays there are lot of shades available. Today we suggest you to go with the blue tweed suits since blue remains to be one of the top favorites of men all over the world. We would also like to help you know all about the tweed suits – the history, styling and more.

Blue Tweed Suit Tweed is said to have originated in Scotland during the 18th century. The fabric has managed to travel through centuries while staying in style. The tweed garments were mostly preferred by the wealthy people and renowned land owners. The tweed garments were then linked to the British culture during the 1860s. The popularity continued through the 20th century and it became a style that was popular among both men and women. Only in the 21st century tweed was considered to be out of fashion but the comeback does not seem too far.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider getting a blue tweed suit for yourself. Mens tweed suit is a versatile choice that could diversify your wardrobe. Let us convince you on why you should add a mens suit in your next shopping list.

Can keep you warm
The cold is harsh sometimes and the tweed suit can come to your aid. The tweed garments were originally used by the people for the outdoor activities like shooting, hunting, golfing and more. The thickly woven fabric keeps the wearer warm through the day.

Versatile in nature
Oftentimes we despise shopping for the very formal events since it might be hard to use those garments for other purposes (yes, tuxedos). Too much money on one time use garments can take a hit on your budget. But with the tweed suits you can style them for any type of events. You can be styling them for the formal events but the garment can also work for the casual events. The color and shade of the suit you choose matters the most.

For example, if you are attending a wedding you could easily pass with the formal suit since it gives out an unique and vintage vibe for the outfit. At the same time, you can also style the suit for the home party and more.

Variety available
There are different varieties of the tweed suits available in the market. You can choose from the variety of shades available in the suits. Usually people who love a formal look would want to go with the dark suits while the ones who want a more casual and relaxed kind of look might want to go with the light suits. Also there are suits with patterns available. When you want a simple and subtle look you could go with the textured blue tweed suits. Take the time to look through the variety of styles and then make the choice.

If you have made the decision to buy the suits then we would suggest you to search through the suits near me option. You might get the list of both offline and online stores that offer the style. If you are concerned too much about the size and fit then you could shop offline. But if you want to choose the best style from a lot of options and also at a cheaper price then we would suggest you to get the suits online. While shopping online, you could go through the variety of styles available starting from the most expensive blue tweed suits to the low cost suits. Also there might be different trends in fashion and you should be checking on the trending tweed suit style for the particular time.

Flexibility in styling
Another great advantage with the tweed suit is that you can pair them easily with almost all garments. For example, you can be wearing it with the dress shirt which is the usual style that most people choose. But if you are looking for a more casual style then you could choose to style the casual suit with a crew neck t-shirt. This makes the tweed suits to be one of the most versatile styles to have in your wardrobe. You could also choose to style the suit as separates. You can be easily styling the tweed blue suit jacket with t-shirt and jeans.

Styling the suit
Here are some of the easy ways to pull off the mens suit look. Turtlenecks and tweed suits go hand in hand. If you have been looking for ways to stylishly beat the cold then you can style the unique suit with navy turtleneck and a camel overcoat. You can add a white pocket square to further enhance the look of the outfit.

If you want a formal look then you can pair the stylish suit with light blue dress shirt, navy blue tie. You can choose the three piece suit and include the navy herringbone overcoat instead of the suit jacket. A pair of dark brown boots can complete the look of the outfit perfectly.

If you are into mix and match style then here is a perfect choice of outfit for you. For example, you can style the branded suit jacket with a white dress shirt, blue vest and navy blue jeans. Always choose the best quality suits since they give out the best return for the money you spend on it.