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Mens Seersucker Pants

Seersucker Pant With the summer nearing you may be on the hunt to load your wardrobe with clothes that can help you get through the hot months without breaking much sweat. While it may sound easy we know how hard it is to find the right kind of clothes with breathable fabrics. That is why we have come up with a choice you cannot refuse - the seersucker.

This summer fabric is comfortable, breezy and versatile and is the best for warm weather looks. Seersucker was invented in India and has two textures in the stripes - one coarser and one lighter. This was originally designed by arranging silk and cotton warps in an alternate manner. When this fabric was washed the cotton in it shrank while the silk remained the same thus creating wrinkles. Nowadays only cotton is used by alternating the tighter and looser warps instead. The puckering effect seen in this fabric is because of the fact that one stripe of cotton is woven tighter than the other.

Seersucker Pant What makes the seersucker a great summer fabric is that the puckering in the fabric gives rise to extra space pockets as the fabric sits alternatively thus in turn allowing an increase in the breathability of the fabric and air circulation. The lightweight fabric due to its texture have added stability and thus looks good with any smart formal attire in hot summer days. This fabric is considered to be superior than linen since seersucker creased in a different way than linen which basically adds to its durability characteristics thus making them a ideal garment to travel in. The travelling benefit does not happen in linen since the fabric creases too much and importantly shows.

If you are convinced and thinking of trying it out then there are some tips that will make your choice easier. First of all, seersucker do not require any special styling and can be styled in the same way as their cotton and wool counterparts. You can pair your seersucker garments with other fabrics too. You can wear a mens white oxford shirt with a seersucker blazer or with mens seersucker pants. They also look good with casual styles like t-shirts.

Seersucker Pant The puckering of the seersucker obviously adds a slight extra bulk thus it is better to go with a slimmer fit. Be it the mens seersucker pant or the mens blazers you will need to get it tailored or altered so that it fits properly. This does not mean you should get the skintight options but opt for a smart fit that helps the garment to hold its shape.

As it is a summer fabric you can opt for lighter shades since they work well under the light. Also do not go with all matching accessories like seersucker suit with tie and pocket squares of the same fabric since it can give out a monotonous look. Instead it is better a look when the seersucker suits are paired with other warm weather fabrics like thin knitted silk or linen. Complete the smart look with formal footwear like Oxfords.