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Tartan Tuxedo

While the trends in the fashion industry are ever changing ones some tend to remain for a long time. One such trend that has long held a special place in menswear history is the tartan pattern. The squared pattern is almost everywhere now starting from the most formal garments like tuxedos to the casual ones like chinos and shorts. The popularity of the tartan pattern might be attributed to the comfort of the men in using it and the ease with which it can be styled with combining garments. But there is still hesitation when it comes to formal garments in tartan pattern. In this article we discuss the tartan tuxedos and how you can safely rock the style.

Tartan Pattern Blazer Mens tuxedos are formal garments that we tend to wear for events like black tie events and such. So when we say that you can wear a tartan tuxedo some people might be skeptical to the idea. But tartan tuxedo is definitely not a new style and have been the trend long before this decade. The tartan tuxedo was worn extensively in the later 1800s and there is a log that the Duke of Windsor had a Rothesay hunting tartan dinner suit from his father, George V. This tartan tuxedo is said to have been made in 1897. This classic tartan tuxedo was worn by the Duke too and soon the style started gaining a lot of admiration. The single breasted tartan tuxedo with the shawl collar design managed to impress a lot of guests and soon the pattern was incorporated in almost all masculine garments be it formal or casual.

The tartan tuxedo style also spread to other countries. While the details changed the basic design remained the same. For example the American tartan tuxedo had shawl lapel like the Duke's but the collar was of a different color than the tuxedo. Most of the time the shawl collar of the American tartan tuxedo were faced with black silk. The tradition in the European countries was to go with the full tartan dinner suit but in America men considered it to be a formal style and thus paired the tartan tuxedo jacket with black tuxedos pants. Soon this tartan tuxedo style spread to other European countries too and the tartans were majorly used in the summer tuxedos.

Now if you are thinking of getting tartan tuxedo for yourself the options are endless. There are different types of tartans that you can choose from. The color of the tartan tuxedo also plays a major role in the look of the tuxedo. So make sure to consider the small details so that you perfectly style the outfit.

Tartan tuxedos are definitely a bold choice but when you style it properly they are surprisingly easy to pull off. As for the type of the tartan pattern on the tuxedo there are some which are considered to be formal while some are considered to be casual comparatively. Keep in mind the event that are you are attending and then choose the right one.

For a formal event it is best for you to go with darker colors of tartan tuxedos. For example a burgundy tuxedo or a dark red tartan tuxedo might be a good choice for a conservative man who likes classic styles. For a subtle look it is best for you to go with black tartan tuxedos or dark green tartan tuxedos. This way you can maintain the formality of the event but also do it with style.

The light colored tartan tuxedos are rare but when you need a slightly casual style that will for sure make you stand out from the crowd then it is best for you to go with ginger tartan tuxedos or tan tartan tuxedos. Men who are trying out this style for the first time or hesitant in trying out are advised to start slow with the dark colored tartan tuxedos and then progress on to the light colored ones.

Tartan Tuxedo The fabric of the tartan tuxedo also plays a major role in the look of the garment. Wool tartan tuxedos are the ones that are most recommended for a formal look. You can also try out variations like worsted wool tartan tuxedos and tweed tartan tuxedos. For a lightweight style you can go with cotton tartan tuxedo and for a summer style we recommend linen tartan tuxedo. Synthetic ones like polyester tartan tuxedo and rayon tartan tuxedos are best when you need a cheap priced tartan tuxedo. These synthetic tartan tuxedos might not be up to the mark in quality when compared with natural fabric tuxedos but will perform well for the price.

If you are not ready for the full tartan tuxedo look then you can start with separates. A tartan tuxedo jacket can be paired with suitable combining garments to get a formal or even a casual look. For example a peak lapel tartan tuxedo jacket paired with a white dress shirt, black rue and blue jeans might be a great smart casual look. If it is for formal events like black tie ones then it might be a good choice to go with the classic look. 3 piece tuxedo look complete with a vest or a cummerbund is a good look for formal events. It is mostly advised to go with a bow tie but if you are not comfortable you can choose to go with a long tie.

For a smart casual style you can pair the slim fit tartan tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt, black long tie and charcoal dress pants. To get a perfect look add a pair of black leather loafers. For a stylish look you can pair the classic tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt, black floral tie and navy dress pants. Other than the single breasted style you can also opt to go with double breasted tartan tuxedo look but make sure that the garment is of the perfect fit.