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James Bond Costume

James Bond Costume There is no doubt that James Bond franchise has a lot of fans but this is also true for the James bond suit costume. Every time a costume event or a Halloween party turns up we will see atleast one rocking the James bond attire with the slicked back hair and maybe a toy gun. The reason why the James bond suit costume is considered to be one of the best is because of a lot of factors.

The first thing is that the James bond suit costume throughout the films have been the definition of perfection. Through the presence of the franchise there were different people who played the role of James bond but one common thing among them all is that their costumes were perfect even if they were varying in the intensities. Thus most men would know the appeal of the James bond suits and then would love to try it for themselves.

Other than this in most scenes you will note that James bond goes with the suits even if it is for intense chasing of the villain through the buildings and such. Though it might not be possible for us and most times the situation does not arise, it is the dream of any man to wear the mens suits as comfortably as James bond. Also it is not very hard to replicate the James bond suit costume since it would be enough to pull through your usual suit and tweak some details to make it work. The time and effort needed for replicating the mens James bond suit costume is lesser when compared to the high level ones like the Joker and such.

Now we all know that there are a lot of films in the James bond franchise and thus the evolution of fashion through the years can be traced through the costumes. If you are a vintage lover then you will have to go slightly back with your pick when Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore played the character. But if you want to stick with the modern james bond suit costume then you have Daniel Craig to follow. If you are convinced about trying out the James bond suit costume then we are here to help. Throughout the years here are some of the best style moments of James bond and the details on how you can make it work for you.

James Bond Costume Sean Connery – dinner suit
Starting with the rare scenes that the movies bless us with which is James Bond looking great in the dinner suit here are some ideas. Our first recommendation is the easiest and the most standard look of Sean Connery. His James bond dinner suit consists of midnight blue shawl collar tuxedo paired with a pleated white tuxedo shirt, white pocket square and a matching bow tie. To add more points to your outfit you can go with the slicked back hair and black leather formal shoes. This would be a great choice if you are looking for James bond wedding suit attire since it is fully complete for any formal dress code.

Roger Moore – black dinner suit
If you are a person who want a slightly casual look with your dinner suit then you can go with Roger Moore James bond mens suit look. For this attire Roger wears black James bond suit with a point collar dress shirt and flared trousers. Though this is not a look we would recommend for the formal events it is the best for the costume events since it will help you stand out and make people recognise your costume easily

Roger Moore – double breasted blazer
With being done with the dinner suits we can move on to the James bond suit costumes which captured our eyes. If you want to try the hardcore vintage look then you can go with the double breasted blazer look of Roger Moore. This James bond suit costume comes with a navy double breasted blazer paired with a light blue dress shirt and stone colored gabardine trousers. The classic James bond suit jacket had gold colored buttons on it and peak lapels and these are some details that can make your outfit look perfect.

Sean Connery – grey three piece glen suit
James Bond Costume If you are thinking of a more formal and sophisticated look of the James bond suit costume then you should definitely try out the 3 piece Sean Connery suit style. This iconic James bond 3 piece suit consists of a grey glen check suit which he pairs with the white dress shirt, navy blue tie and a white handkerchief that he uses as pocket square. The plaid design is same for both grey James bond dress suit and also the vest that comes with six buttons. If you are a short person then you can alter this outfit to your benefit by going with the deep neck vests with lesser buttons. The outfit is completed by adding with it a pair of black leather derby shoes.

Daniel Craig – Brown suit look
This is one of our biggest favorites since we see James bond in a different look other the usual grey suit styles. Since James bond is in Morocco for a mission it becomes inevitable to lighten his suit. Thus for this James bond suit costume he goes with a brown James bond three button suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt, dark brown tie and a pair of khaki trousers that are lighter than the jacket.

Sean Connery – White dinner suit
With all the above mentioned outfits being more subtle and fitting into the standards we want to mention an outfit that will make the viewer stop and marvel you at the first glance. Yes we are talking about the James bond white suit that Sean Connery rocks with a white pleated tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a red rose lapel.

When choosing to go with the James bond suit costumes it would be better if you try to choose from the James bond suit brand but if the price tag is too high then you can go with the cheaper ones.