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Western suits are especially worn for special events. We cannot see people in day to day life wearing a western suit like the suits we normally wear. Western suits became popular in the year 1940s to 1950s by Gene Autry and Roy Rogers the well known singing cowboys. But the outfit has a longer history, they are a unique style from 19th century; it is worn by both men and women. They can be worn to a western cowboy theme event and also can be suitable for both informal event and formal events.

Mens Red One Button Suit While dressing up for formal events keep the color of the western suit darker. There are some rules to be followed while dressing up especially for a formal event. Flashy or brighter color suit must be avoided, or you might be seen differently from the crowd. As it is important to dress up appropriately, you can wear a traditional western suit to the formal event. Western suits are mostly accompanied by a cowboy hat, a leather belt and a cowboy boots. Styling a western suit is not very hard, unless you know how to; it has a unique and distinctive style so it must be styled up accordingly, when you add an irrelevant accessory it might mess up the look.

Western suits for wedding are made exclusively for the grooms, as it their most memorable day for a lifetime.suits for grooms are designed with elegance, which will definitely set the groom apart from the rest and allows sharing the spotlight with the bride. Flaunt your charm with the classic, modern yet traditional western suit. People can't take their eyes off you; their eyes will keep following you for the charm you emit with that wedding western suit on. Custom suits are also provided by a lot of brands, if you are a person who loves customizing your dress then this is the right choice. Not everyone will be satisfied with the readymade outfits and when you are not customizing is better.

For a casual event you can style more in a relaxed way. You can wear a pair of denim jeans, a shirt with the western suit jacket it creates a simple and elegant look. A blue denim jean is what most of them prefer to wear for a western suit jacket, in some cases t-shirts are also worn by many men. In a casual event formality is not required so you can style your look more casually. You can add accessories to your look; a cowboy hat is the key point of the western suit. The big hat defines your whole look and sets you apart. In the early days in the history a bowler's hat and then in the late 19th century cowboy hats came in use. Even though in the decades in between the style was changed, later in 1950s it came in style.

Gray Wedding Cowboy Suit As it is a suit, wool is the best and most preferred by most of the people. Western suits made from high quality wool will never let you down; wool has many properties, which is why they are preferred the most. It is absorbent; it absorbs a great amount of moisture and keeps you dry and fresh for the whole day. It is very comfortable and also very gentle on skin, so your skin won't be irritated and feel itchy. It is breathable and allows the skin to breathe which can help the skin to be healthy. Wool western suits can be worn during any season. It keeps you warm during the cold seasons like autumn and winter and keeps you cool during summer and spring. It is best for the whole outfit to be made from the same fabric. It can be an exception when you wear it with the denim.

For a formal event you can wear a 3 piece western suit, with the vest it will be considered more formal. Coordinate with the same color and don't forget it should be dark in color. You can add a cufflink for your formal shirt; it helps to enhance the cuff of the shirt. A small detail makes the biggest difference in your outfit. So always choose an elegant design for the cufflinks as you dress up for a formal event. Bright colors are more suitable for casual and informal event. You will be praised for your looks if you style your suit in a right way. Do not over do your looks; it is one of the most important things to consider while dressing up.

Vintage western can be a perfect choice for your wedding as it will add a classic touch to your look. It is a best choice for you if you are someone who loves vintage collections. There are a lot of famous and leading brands who produce vintage style suits for you. If you are styling your western suit with the denim jeans you can also wear an oversized belt to enhance your look, it will add more detail to your look. These days' vintage outfits are trending a lot, it doesn't mean you should look exact same like other. Style your suit in your own way, try to create new looks by following the basic etiquette.

Groomsmen suits are also exclusively made for the best groomsmen; it will definitely make you shine from the rest. Groomsmen are always special so choosing a wholesale mens suit is the best thing you do, especially when you are attending a themed wedding. These days theme weddings are a thing and lot of them want a destination or a theme wedding for themselves. Fit of the western suit is very important, no matter how much you style your looks everything will go in vain if the fit is not right. Slim fit western suits are the best as you know they drape and fit very well and close to the body. There won't too much excess fabric hanging around your body and it will help you to flaunt your physique and your excessive charm.