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Brick Suits

While suggesting suit colors for men, we mostly stick with the common colors since we don’t want to scare off the customers. We can still imagine the look a person will have when we suggest him to go with a red suit. We understand that our office attires do not let us to be too creative with our outfits but there is a life outside of work and this is where our unconventional suggestions come in. We stand by our argument that red suit would be a good addition to any man’s wardrobe but we understand if you are hesitant about the style. Thus we bring you another less intense alternative which is the brick suits.

Brick Suit When we suggest suits as an alternative to the red suits because it is close to the color on the color spectrum. If we want to breakdown Brick as a color it is explained to be a color that is composed of red for the most parts along with green and blue for the rest. Brick is often considered to be a shade of red but it becomes a better choice since it is less intense and less intimidating than the red suits. People who are subtle dressers would not be too hyped to go with the red suits but it would not be the case with the mens brick red suits since they have a cooler shade that makes them easier to style.

Thus when you choose the brick suits mens make sure that you select the right shade. The suits might have a dominating burnt orange shade look or themens maroon suits style rather the bright red one. Choose it with care since it can change the whole look of the suit. Brick suits are still a bold style to choose and thus wear them with the confidence that makes you look awesome. Since brick is a subdued shade of red it would be easier to style them when compared to the red suits. You can even use the existing combining garments in your wardrobe to make the choice.

The other thing that we want you to note is the fabric of the suit. As mentioned before suits is a bold style and thus it would be best if you reserve their styling to the summer or the spring events that has a casual vibe to them. Since we are suggesting it for summer use then it would be best if you go with the lightweight fabric choices. Cotton brick2 button suit would be the standard recommendation when you want a classic look. But if you want a truly relaxed summer style then try your hand with the linen suits or the seersucker suits.

But if you want the look for the special occasions like weddings and dinner events then go with the luxurious choices like sharkskin brandy suits or the velvet suits. Keep these mens suits as the main element of your outfit and choose simple combining garments. Now after you have selected the fabric of the suits here are some of the styling ideas that can help you get through any type of event while styling the garment. For a simple and formal look we would suggest you to style the brick red fitted suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie if necessary. Ground the bright look by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather derby shoes. If the event is a little more casual and you can afford to look less formal then you can lose the tie and complete the look with a pair of black leather loafers. This will give you a more stylish and dressed up look for the semi formal event.

Now when you decide to ditch the formalness of the office attire and are getting ready to have some fun the suits would definitely suit you. For example if you are looking for an outfit that you can wear for a summer casual event then you can style the brick slim fit suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and aid the casual look furthermore with white canvas low top sneakers. This is a foolproof look that will work definitely since the contrast offered by the red on white look makes it attention grabbing while maintaining the simple look.

If you want to showcase your sartorial prowess with the outfits that you choose then here are some styles that are fashion magazine worthy but are also easy to put together. Starting with a basic one, styling a brick color suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and blue chambray shirt is not a common look and thus will make you look like you put some effort into choosing the outfit style. To finish off the look we would suggest you to add to white canvas low top sneakers but if you are feeling a bit expensive then you can choose to go with black leather Chelsea boots instead.

Though white is the most preferred option for the combining garments other than white you can also style the brick suits with colored garments. For example black would be a good pick for people just venturing out of the white territory. Styling the 2 button suit with a black silk dress shirt and black velvet loafers would be an awesome look to go by for the occasions like prom and others. Other than this you can also choose to go with navy combining garments or even pink combining garments since they match well with the color.

Now if you are styling the suit for the wedding and want a more formal look then we would suggest you to go with vested suits. The brick three piece suits would give you a sophisticated and formal look and you can also try your hand with brick pattern suits.