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Traditional Men's Suits - Perfect for the Wedding

Wedding Suits As all of us are aware the trends in the fashion industry keep constantly changing in the fashion world. Suit styles change as the designers are continually coming up with something new or renewing traditional styles into different forms again. Picking the right cut traditional wedding suit could therefore be quite daunting. You must select for a double-breasted wedding outfit if the person is tall and thin. This is a classic suit cut that will make tall and slim men look fabulous. It has two rows of buttons down the front of the coat and a single button inside the left side.


Opt for the classic British style if the groom is more heavily built than others. It comes with just a single button row down the front, as opposed to the two rows. It will make the person appear taller and shrink his width, giving him the much needed illusion of being a little thinner and taller.

Most women favor the Italian attire as wedding suits for their men to look like top corporate bosses. It is extremely versatile and it fits many different types of bodies. The shoulders are made wider and the waist tapers to make a triangular effect, which creates a powerful impact on the wearer. If you want the groom to evoke envy in other women, the traditional Italian outfit is the answer.

Two Button SuitYou will be doing the right thing if you select a standard American style if the person's style is casual. The American cut coat is great for hiding body lines, especially if the groom is obese. The typical feature of this attire is that it is wider at the shoulders and a bit of a straighter line along the sides.

The contemporary suit is the right one for your man if he is short and stubby. This cut has been especially designed to fit men with less athletic features. It draws the attention to the face with the small lapel, while also thinning the look of the torso. Although it is a very classy, it is not uncomfortable to wear.

Color also plays an important part in wedding outfit and creates an impact on his personality. Colors can brighten the exposed areas if it matches well with skin color. While selecting wedding attires for your man, it is necessary to check the color goes perfectly with his tone. Black, Navy and charcoal colors are generally suitable for many types of skin tone. It is essential that they are wrinkle free as too many wrinkles will create a poor impression of his personality at the wedding. You can also consult some designers and reputed tailors regarding which types of pattern will provide the groom best look and enhance his personality.

2 Button Party TuxedoThe classic, elegant wedding calls for a sharp, well fitting tuxedo for the groom. This classic tuxedo is a single breasted three button or one button model with satin trim.

A morning or afternoon summer wedding calls for lighter fabrics and softer colors would be appropriate for an evening event especially if the wedding is outdoors. Fall or winter marriage ceremonies are traditionally very formal and for that men should wear a darker and more sophisticated colors and fabrics.

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