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Ostrich Shoes Exotic skin shoes are becoming widely popular among the younger generation. You might already know that there are various styles of the exotic skin shoes and boots. While the alligator and crocodile skin shoes are the most popular, there is another set of style that is gaining attention. Mens ostrich shoes give out a cool and stylish look. They are a versatile style that can be worn with almost all outfits. If you are a person who is bored with the regular calfskin leather shoes and have been wanting to try something new then you should be choosing the ostrich shoes for men. In this article we would like to discuss more about the ostrich skin shoes and possibly convince you to buy a pair.

The leather used for the making of the ostrich shoes are taken from the ostriches – that much should already been clear for you. The use of ostrich skin for the making of the shoes and the accessories started way back in the mid 1850s. In South Africa, the ostriches were reared in large numbers for their feathers and meat. The leather remained as a by-product and thus the marketers found a way to utilize it. The ostrich leather comes with a distinctive pattern that consists of bumps and follicles. Ostrich is a large animal and the skin varies depending on the area. For example, the ostrich skin can be smooth in some places while in other places it can be rough. This makes it possible to make different kind of products using the ostrich leather.

Ostrich Shoes The use of ostrich leather for the making of the shoes and other accessories fell apart during the First World War. The use of the feathers also declined but after the war the ostrich leather accessories were greatly in demand. Soon tanneries were set up and the process began. The industry has survived over a century and recently they are also gaining a lot of attention. If you have been thinking about trying out the ostrich skin shoes style then this would be the right time.

Apart from the aesthetic look that if offers, there are also other reasons why the ostrich leather is considered to be one of the best for the making of the shoes. Ostrich leather is strong and durable thus making the ostrich shoes a great choice for the people who are looking for the stylish but durable footwear. For the shoes to last for a long time you should make sure that you choose the best quality ostrich shoes. With the exotic skin shoes, there are always fake styles and thus you should be fooled.

Ostrich Shoes There are some ways in which you can determine the authenticity of the mens ostrich shoes. Only when the quality is good, it would be durable ostrich shoes. Here are steps in which you can determine whether the ostrich shoes that you are trying to buy are genuine. The first step would be to feel the leather with your hands. With the premium ostrich shoes, you will be able to feel the bumps and sometimes you could also feel the pores from which the feathers have been plucked. While the look of these bumps can be replicated, this bumpy feel would not be very easy. Mostly the fake ostrich shoes have prints embossed on them to look like the real ostrich shoes.

If you still have doubts, the next step would be to closely observe the pattern of the bumps on the shoes. Cheap ostrich skin shoes tend to have an uniform placing of these bumps since they are mostly embossed with the machines. But when you choose the authentic ostrich dress shoes, you might note that there is an irregularity associated. The quill marks on the genuine ostrich shoes are also distinct and thus are difficult to replicate. When you notice regularly patterned quill bumps on the shoes then it is most obviously a faux style.

Ostrich Shoes If you haven’t got the time to check through the details or want to buy the ostrich mens dress shoes online then the best option would be choosing the branded ones. There are few brands that offer the real and genuine exotic skin shoes and it would be the right choice to trust these brands. Designer ostrich dress shoes are the best way to go. Most people avoid these luxurious mens ostrich shoes reasoning them to be expensive but the process involved in the making of these mens shoes is intricate and time consuming which in turn increases the price tag. Mens ostrich shoes in cheap prices might seem like a good gamble but they will wear out soon making you spend money on another pair of shoes fast. Go through the various ostrich skin shoes collections and then make your choice. Only when you take time to check through the ostrich dress shoes variety, you will be able to know your options.

Now that you have the authentic and stylish mens ostrich shoes, it is important to maintain them in the right way so that they can last long. The ostrich leather shoes aren’t very resistant to moisture and thus it would be a great choice to keep them from getting wet. You can use a slightly damp cloth and gently cleanse the surface. Make sure that you are very careful and gentle through the process.

Ostrich Shoes Most of the best ostrich dress shoes are handmade with intricate details and thus it is best not to expose them to extreme conditions. If your ostrich mens shoes looks a little faded out then you can use the conditioner to make it look better. This should restore the natural color of the shoes. After using the cream, you can let the shoes fry for a few minutes and then finally polish them with a soft cloth. The key to the longevity of the ostrich shoes is to select the right quality beforehand and then maintaining them regularly.