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Navy blue tuxedos

Navy blue tuxedo Tuxedos are garments that no man ever thinks about until the need for it arises whether be it a formal dinner event or a family wedding. This may be mainly due to the fact that dressing in a tuxedo means that you will have to follow some sartorial rules and also there is an added pressure of styling it right. Most of the men tend to go with a rented mens tuxedo rather than owning one for their own. But it is always advisable to own a set of a well fitting tuxedo so that you don't have to panic at the last minute.

Now when we were talking about tuxedos the image that most men will have conjured up in their mind is the black tuxedo with white shirt and a black bow tie. This is because of the fact that this black tuxedo is considered to be the classic and is the tradition that is followed for almost more than a century. We are so used to this that the first thing our mind thinks it is the black one. But if you are a one who pays attention to the varying fashion trends then you would have noted that more and more men are breaking this tradition of black tuxedos and trying out colored tuxedo look. You need not immediately think about blood reds and baby pink. If you aren't a fan of these bright colors then you also have a great choice - a navy blue tuxedo. The dark shade of the navy blue tuxedo maintains the formal nature of the tuxedo and at the same time induces the style quotient that you need to stand out from the crowd of black tuxedos. This is not the first time that the colored tuxedos are preferred than the black tuxedo. Earlier there was a time in history when the midnight blue tuxedos ruled over the black tuxedos. The dark blue garment was said to look even better than the black tuxedo in both daylight and under artificial light. It was quite some time before the hype around midnight blue tuxedos died and black tuxedos regained its position.

Navy blue tuxedo This may be one of the reason why the midnight blue tuxedos and the navy blue tuxedos are acceptable as an alternative to the black tuxedo even in some most formal events. A clean and simple single buttoned, shawl collared jacket and a satin striped pant will make the cut when if it is a navy blue tuxedo. Navy blue tuxedos work great for formal events but you will have to style them right as to maintain their formality and the elegance. While there are a lot of rules when it comes to tuxedos if it is not for a very formal event then there is no wrong in bending some of them and induce your own sense of style into the outfit. The fashion icons and celebrities that you adore most probably became famous when they broke the rules and found their own sense if style that suits them.

Now when it comes to navy blue tuxedos the added advantage that you have when compared to the other colored tuxedos is that they can be versatile. Navy blue as a color in itself is versatile and the same goes for navy blue tuxedos. You can easily wear the navy blue tuxedo to any formal event instead of going with the usual black one. This will ensure you to garner attention one that is of the right kind. At the same time you can also wear the navy blue tuxedos for the semi formal events like weddings.

Weddings are the events that greatly accommodate navy blue tuxedos next to the formal events. If you are the groom then you can consider wearing a navy blue tuxedo on your special day especially if the wedding is a formal event. The thing with formal weddings is that people tend to show up more in black tuxedos and this may not do much good for the groom. Any man as a groom would want to stand out on his special day and not get lost in a sea of black tuxedos. Therefore, navy blue tuxedos are a good choice. When you think of wearing a navy blue tuxedo think about the nature of the event and the time at which it is scheduled. Navy blue tuxedos are dark colored and thus work the best for events that take place in formal venues and also in a season like winter. Navy blue tuxedos may look a little dull when worn to summer weddings and beach weddings. So take proper care before deciding on the proper style that would suit the event for which you are purchasing the style.

Navy blue tuxedo You can select between wearing a navy blue tuxedos with a vest or without a vest. The choice depends solely up on your decision and preference. Navy blue tuxedos when worn with vests are considered to be more formal than the navy blue tuxedos that are worn without a vest. If you aren't a great fan of vest you can go with the cummerbund instead of a vest. Cummerbund is a band of cloth that you wear around the waist covering the waistband of the tuxedo trousers. The main purpose of the cummerbund and a vest is to prevent the shirt fabric from showing when the tuxedo jacket is fully buttoned. This helps create a streamlined look from the shoulder to the toe that is considered to be formal and elegant.

As for the lapels on the navy blue tuxedos peak lapels are considered to be the most formal ones. You can also go with shawl collared navy blue tuxedos, but they are considered to be slightly less formal than peak lapels. Some styles of navy blue tuxedos with different colored lapels are available in the market. For a formal look you can go with navy blue tuxedo with a black shawl collar and a black bow tie look.