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Olive Green Tuxedo

olive green tuxedos Black is a great color when it comes to tuxedos but it is time that we start trying out new colors. Tuxedos have been in menswear for over a century and only some men have strayed away from the usual black over all these years. But with the evolving fashion world, colored tuxedos are seeing the light. One such colored tuxedo that is getting the spotlight is the olive green tuxedo. In this article we are going to discuss about the styling tips of olive tuxedos and the events for which it is appropriate.

Most men tend to avoid green thinking that it is a hard color to pull off. But the main point here is to select the proper shade of green. Darker shades of green are easier to pull off compared to the lighter shades. Olive green tuxedos are the ones most preferred when it comes to formal events. The dark shade of the make you look elegant and easily conform with the formality of the event. You can easily style the with a white dress shirt and a colored bow tie or long tie. Complete the ensemble with a pair of black patent leather shoes. If you want a more distinct look go with dark brown leather shoes or cognac leather shoes.

Another main advantage with the olive tuxedos is that they are extremely versatile. Since it is a dark shaded tuxedo you can style them to weddings and dinner parties. Since olive tuxedos are a rare choice among men it will make you stand out among the crowd of black tuxedos. You can also easily style the for summer weddings and other fun events.

olive The details of the olive green tuxedos that you are purchase are important. wool tuxedos are the best when you need a garment that you can style for the most formal events. If it is a summer alternative for black tuxedos then you can go with lightweight options like linen tuxedos and cotton olive tuxedos. Other than this you can also go with velvet olive tuxedos and silk olive green tuxedos if you want a dressy look. These materials have a sheen about them and when paired with dark colors will make you look exquisite.

If you are the groom of the formal wedding and not very thrilled for wearing black tuxedos then you can go with the choice of wedding tuxedos. Opting for 3 piece olive tuxedos will make you look formal and good for your special day. Single breasted olive green tuxedos are the ones most preferred since you can style them for both formal and semi formal events. When you want to be the focus of the event that you are attending go with shawl lapel tuxedos since it is considered to be a dressy pick. If you want a subtle formal style then go with peak lapel tuxedos.