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Mens Pea Coats Winter just cannot be complete without the overcoats and if you have been thinking of purchasing the winter overcoats then there are different options for you to consider. One among the styles is the mens pea coats. Peacoats are one of the most classic styles of the overcoats both in mens and womens fashion. Usually we choose to go with the long overcoats that are of the basic design. But it is easy to get bored with these single breasted long coats and you might soon be looking for a style that could make your outfit look more attractive. In that case, mens peacoats will be the perfect choice since they are one of the most versatile style of the mens overcoats.

If you are a person who loves to know the backstory to every style, then it might not be surprising to you that the mens pea coat style dates back to centuries. This is because of the fact that most outerwear starting from the bomber jackets to the trench coats have been in use for a long time now. Among these styles, mens pea coats is still considered to be a classic gem since there are many details in the design of the coat that has been retained even though it doesn’t have much of an use now.

One major difference that the mens pea coats have when compared to other overcoat styles is the fact that they originated from the navy rather than army. Most of the popular mens overcoat styles in mens fashion were once designed for the army men but the mens peacoats is a product of the sea. Some believe that the Dutch who are experienced seafarers have been using the pea coats since the 1700s. Some others say that the pea coats were designed by a British designer for the British navy. Whichever is the truth, it is concluded that the peacoats were designed to battle the harsh time in the sea.

Mens Pea Coats Mens wool peacoats are the most common choice since the thick fabric will help shield the wearer from the harsh sea winds. In the early times, the wool coats were heavier than the ones that we have now. Also the classic peacoat mens is double breasted and comes with a large collar which can be turned up. The double breasted design was to provide extra warmth to the wearer and the turn up style of the wide collar helped the wearer to shield his face from the cold winds. One most important part of the design is the short length of the peacoats. Most of the classic overcoats designs were of full length and the coats reached to the knees of the wearer. But with peacoats, the design is short and it only reaches the upper thigh portion of the wearer. This was designed in such a way so that the wearer will have a free range for movement like for climbing a mast or moving freely on the deck. The short length of the peacoats are maintained even today thus making the mens pea coats a more casual style than the long overcoats.

As for the fabric, mens wool peacoats still remain to be the most popular style but the peacoats are available in different fabrics too. There are lightweight choices like cotton mens pea coats and fashionable choices like leather peacoats mens. Depending on the look that you need and your preference you can choose the right style of the mens pea coats. When it comes to the fit, always make sure that you go with the nicely fitting style for your body type.

If you are interested about trying out the mens pea coat styles but haven’t much idea about the actual styling, then we are here to help. We have compiled some of the best mens peacoat outfits that you can choose if it impresses you.

Mens Pea Coats If you are looking for a formal styling of the coat then this outfit is just for you. Style the grey plaid blazer with a white dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of grey chinos. Now add with this outfit a navy formal mens peacoat and then a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes. Usually the people are recommended to pair the mens pea coats with the semi formal and the casual garments but you can get away with even the formal outfits if it is perfect as the one mentioned above. Make sure that the blazer that you wear is shorter than the peacoat that you wear over it.

Now moving on to the semi formal styles you can style the charcoal cable sweater with a pair of light blue jeans and then top it off with a black mens belted peacoats. To complete the look, you can add a pair of dark brown leather Chelsea boots. For a more layered up look, you can style the light blue long sleeve shirt with a navy crew neck sweater and a pair of navy jeans. Now add with this outfit a navy slimfit mens peacoat and then a pair of dark brown suede Chelsea boots to get a sophisticated look.

If you are done with the formal and semi formal styles and want to choose a more casual look with the peacoats then you can choose to pair a dark green crew neck t-shirt with a charcoal scarf and a pair of grey chinos. Adding a mens polyester peacoat along with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers would be a perfect style. If you want a more stylish look, then you can choose to pair the white crew neck t-shirt with a black striped dress pants and then you can top it off with designer peacoat mens. While the slimfit pea coats are the ones that are most recommended you can also choose the big and tall mens peacoats if it is the comfortable style for you. Go through the styles of mens peacoat online and then make the right choice.