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Old Style Suits

Vintage Suits History repeats itself. The famous saying does not disappoint even in fashion industry. The old styles are back and are here to stay. Men's suits are one of the clothing that has long been there in the clothing line. Men's suits has been a irreplaceable commodity in a man's wardrobe and due to its versatility it has stayed in style with modifications that were trending at the time. It is admirable that in a ever changing fashion world a certain form of clothing has managed to stay in trend long back from 17th century. Thus there is a lot of style you can try out if you would like to experiment on old styles.

In the early stages of its emergence that is in 17th century it was most recognised for its extravagance and exaggeration. This was not only for the clothing but 17th century as a whole was a flamboyant affair. This was mainly because of the noble people who flourished at that time wanted to properly show off all the wealth they possessed. So they focused on what would work best. Clothings. They spent elaborately on the corsets, clothings that were very minutely designed, bright colors and large jewelleries. However it didn't last long because soon Charles II, the then king of England ordered a ban on showy jewelry and other ruff. Thus the idea of suits were born at the requirement of simple clothing with matching cuts. The long vest was launched then and the first ensemble of it with scarf and shirt with breeches paired with knee length overcoat. This was the start of the timeless piece of style and this style can still be seen in some movies that are based on this period.

Gray Suit Though the simple elegant type of clothing were preferred the bright and flashy incorporations were still made until the fashion revolution that happened in 18th century. The craze over the eye catching dresses of the nobles were increasingly boycotted and the normal citizens started inventing their own style. This style soon picked up due to its simplicity and familiarity. It was characterized by simple colors on basic fabrics and were comfortable for daily use.

Then the 19th century saw the rise of the long frock coat and cutaway. This is a formal form of frock coat and were commonly called the tuxedo. They were used as a overcoat of higher level men who smoked. But later the high quality styles were pushed back due to economic reasons and mass production of cheaper styles became prevalent. Due to this the suits became more accessible to all classes of people and quickly was adopted as a formal business attire among all classes.

Men those days were very choosy and strictly followed the rules and etiquettes that were required of them. Thus the styles of the suit kept changing according to the needs and requirements of the events that were conducted. Still now you can see remises of these old styles in our fashion industry.