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Western Sport Coats

 western coat While most of the men are content with their usual styles some dare to venture out of the known and try out the unconventional styles. There are some unconventional styles that have become very popular over the years and one among them is the Western wear. All men at some point of life would have had a fascination towards the cool cowboy clothing and would have wanted to try them for their own. As adults we obviously try to stay away from western sport coats or western wear on the whole unless you are a resident of Texas or Kansas. In this article we discuss the sport coats and some best ways in which you can style them.

For people who are new to the Western wear terminologies the western sport coats are the unique style of mens sport coats that derive their inspiration from the styles worn by the people in the 19th century wild West. These western coats and other styles are popularly known as cowboy styles and have a wide range of fans all through the world. The coats or any western clothing for that matter are considered to be casual and mostly worn with jeans and t-shirts. For going with western sport coats you need not to be a great fan of the western wear and if you are simply looking for a casual sport coat then you can try out the western style sport coats.

The fabric from which the western sport coats are made is an important detail to note since they influence the quality and also the durability of the garment. When you need a simple style then you can choose to go with the wool sport coats. These come without much decorations and thus would be a great choice for people who are newly starting out with the style. While there are different styles of Western wool sport coats available in the market then it would be best for you to go with thick fabrics of the western coats. The sport coats are considered to be a more casual choice than the blazers and are mostly used for outdoor activities and thus when you go with thick fabrics the garment will protect you from cold and other elements. While the usual styles of the sport coats come in thick fabrics nowadays there are even styles that come in lightweight fabrics.

western sport coat Other than the wool sport coats another major style that is popular is the leather sport coats. These sport coats are obviously on the more casual side when compared with the wool sport coats but are considered to be a cool style and preferred by the younger generation more. There are many styles in Western leather sport coats and you can go through the styles available and choose the one that would best suit you. When you want a simple style then go with the plain leather sport coats and you can pair them with almost any casual garments. They also would not look out of place much for any type of event. You can use these leather Western mens sport coats as a jacket for the cold days too.

But if you are dressing for a specific event like a country music concert then you can go all out with the sport coat style. The fringe sport coats and the Embroidered sport coats are some of the recommendations that would definitely turn eyes towards your outfit. You might not be able to style them for regular use but when you need the essence of the Western style on the outfit then you can choose to go with these flashy styles of coats.

Though these western clothing style originated about a century ago they still live on especially through Hollywood. Every now and then we see the glimpse of the cowboy boots or coats on the big screen and this proves that the style is going nowhere in the near future. It is also true that the Western style outfits make you look different and can give you the much needed break from the navy blue suits and black dress pants that we are used to. Thus adding a coats to your wardrobe might be a great decisions so that you can revamp your style to atleast a small degree. The color of the coats is another important thing that you will have to note about the style. When you go with leather sport coats then it would be best for you to stick with the classic option of black coats.

western sport coat This classic western coats will give you more options on how you can style the garments since black work well with most of the colors. Other than this if you are a person who likes to try out new styles then you can choose to go with dark brown western coats and other colors. When you go with wool western coats you have more options on the color aspect since they are more on the simpler side.

As for styling the men's western coats there are different choices that you can try out. When you go with the western coats style it is best to stick with the casual styling since the construction of the western coats in itself is on the casual side giving them a cool and laid back look that would not work much with the formal garments. When you are going all cowboy then you can choose to go with styling the western coats with a Western style shirt and then add with it a pair of chinos. You can complete the look with a pair of round toe cowboy boots. But when you need a stylish look you can choose to style the Western sport coat with a tshirt and well fitting pair of denim.