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Charcoal Pinstripe Suit

Three Piece Suit Charcoal pinstripe suits are one of the most elegant suits. It makes a good suit for the business meetings, it gives a very formal and high looks to the wearer. The thin vertical lines gives a smooth and a tricky look, making the wearer look thinner. These mens suits fit in very well for business men who are always on the run. They are very easy to style up as there are not much, they can shine on their own. Adding least accessories helps you to achieve your ideal looks. It is always better to know how to style up your outfit appropriately. As traditionally it is a workplace outfit we should make sure to dress up smartly.

A man cannot go underdressed for a formal event and go fully formally dressed to a casual event. Every type of event has got their ways to dress and rules to follow. A pinstripe suit is very appropriate for a formal event and also can be worn for a relaxed and casual event as well. It all depends on how we style our suits. Textured suits are one of the best type, you don't even have to bother or try to look nice. It gives a trendy look to the wearer, the pinstripe suits have never gone out of style. It is been decades and still pinstripe suits are ruling the workplace wardrobe.

When the fit is right everything else is right, the most important things to be considered is the appearance and comfort. A right fit can give you both; there is a most preferred fit by most men, it is none other than the slim fit. Slim fit charcoal pinstripe suits are the best, they fit closely to the body giving a perfect finish to the look. It does not limit your movements, in fact it is comfortable when you have to walk so much and also when you have to sit and stand for so many times. Slim fit is an ideal fit to any type of body, but also make sure you get the measurements right because you cannot get the fit right until the measurements are right. There are other fits too, for someone who is lean, the ultra slim fit and skinny fit can be a perfect type of fit. It fits very closely to the body and drapes very well creating a smart look to the wearer. A regular or a classic fit is mostly preferred by older men who do not like tight and fitting outfits; it allows you to move very freely without any restrictions as well.

Tapered Cut Suit A charcoal grey pinstripe suit can make everyone's eyes follow you; it is such a beautiful color which goes well with any skin tone. No matter what your skin color or tone is you can kill the looks with a charcoal grey pinstripe suit. It adds a great sophistication to your looks, which makes the wearer to look more charming than usual. Especially when you add a blue neck tie or a violet neck tie with the suit, it will help you to enhance your looks more. Pairing up the suit with the appropriate accessories is also important to execute a unique look of you.

We also know that the black pinstripe suits are mostly used to play it safe and it has become a cliché, to change that we need to try new styles and colors. But it necessarily doesn't mean that do not wear black at all, you cannot go to an official meetings with light colored suits. It is always better to know how to dress up before you do it because when you don't dress up right you might be considered as disrespecting the event. As for a formal event it is always suggested to go in a subtle and dark outfit. When you attend a casual and relaxed event you can consider wearing a bright colored pinstripe suit.

Pinstripe Suit3 piece charcoal pinstripe suits are the ideal type of suit for a formal event. A three piece suit consist of a suit coat, a vest and a pair of suit pants, you can pair a white formal shirt with the three piece suit to add more formality to your look. Always make sure not to reduce the formality of any formal outfit. . You can also add a neck tie with a blue tint, a cufflink which is not too outstanding but at the same time which can add subtle detail to set you apart. A belt can also be worn when it is necessary, eventually when the pants don't fit you right you can consider wearing a black leather belt which helps to keep the pants in place without slipping off. Watch is one of the most important accessories for a business man or an official, always wear an esthetic and classic watch which can help you be on time and keep a track of time in whatever you do. A pocket square can be kept in your pocket as well it enhances the look of your suit. Always keep a pocket square which is in a contrast color to the suit coat, the color of the suit coat and the pocket square should never match each other. You can style your looks by wearing a turtle neck t-shirt with the suit coat and pants. This look can be appropriate for a more relaxed and casual events and are not meant for a formal event.

We all know that the perfect fabric for a suit is wool, there also other types of fabrics which are suitable for the suits as well. Wool charcoal pinstripe suits are the most comfortable suits to wear. You can wear a wool suit and still feel very comfortable and fresh. As someone who works in an office you spend minimum 8 hours in office sometimes even more, you will easily go through the day without any discomfort as they are light, absorbent, insulating, gentle, breathable and natural.