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In the earlier days, mens belts were considered as only supporting items for pants and trousers, but today they are more of a fashion statement that makes you stand apart from others. Be it a small boy or grown up adult or old man, everyone needs an ideal fit belt to add a charm to their outfit and look. A belt is a flexible strap used to hold your clothing articles in place. Mostly, these belts are made of leather or heavy cloth that can last long without any wear and tear. These belts are not just fashion accessories, but they play a major role in enhancing your outfit and making you look great. They will also help enhance your masculine silhouette to a greater extent. Gone are the days, when belts were treated as purely men’s clothing accessories, but today, women too wear these clothing pieces and look stylish everywhere.

In today’s fashion scenario, belts are mostly preferred by all men, with no age factors or fashion limits coming in between. Choosing a right fit belt is important here, since it provides a better balance and proportion to your body that is indispensable in making you look sexy wherever you go. Also, these small clothing articles play a big role in making you look appealing to the eyes of everyone. You need to spend your valuable time in finding an ideal belt that suits your waistline right, after all your personality matters here. If you are too specific about the way you dress up, then men’s western belts are the fashion accessories that you should invest in. There are tons and tons of men’s western belts available online that you can get easily with just few clicks of mouse and have it delivered right at your doorsteps. These belts are an everyday fashion accessory for men in this modern world and they give you a modernized look too.

Not only can you wear these clothing pieces for fashion purposes, but also you can wear them for your business suits, casual suits and whatever you wear for good convenience and supreme comfort. You can have western style printed leather belts at discounted rates these days. These belts do come with decorative patterns drawn on its exterior portion to make the onlookers stunned at your whole new look. Other than formal black and brown color belts, you can have red belts, white belts and even two toned belts according to your individual fashion taste and preference. You should have different belts to match with your different outfits and wear it for your occasions. Some specific varieties of belts go with particular dresses and don’t go with anything else, so have different color belts available in your closet. Black belts go with almost all your outfits, be it formal or casual, but other color belts go with most of your dressy outfits.

Type of belts available for men

The boring monotonous black western belts are now replaced by exotic leather belts that make men look sexy and classy. Many online stores are now offering an extensive range of western leather belts at attractive prices that every common man can easily afford. The available range includes office, sports, outdoor, patent leather, exotic leather, genuine leather, canvas, rubber, studded, chain belts etc. You can buy belts in different colors and materials to go with all your formal and informal suits, casual clothing articles and even leather attire. Before buying anything for you, take your waist measurements to make certain that you get right sized belts. You should not choose a belt by its color, but by its functional features. You can have dot pattern, printed pattern, original leather, imitated leather belts as per your individual taste and look stunning in all your occasions.

Initially, determine at what level you put on the belt, above waist, below waist or precisely at the waist and go for a belt. These sizes at each of these levels will vary slightly and so you should consider this seriously. Also, think about the color that dominates your closet and choose belts according to the available outfits. If you are buying belt to wear for your important business meeting or official gathering, with no second thought, you can go for black western belt. If it is for casual events, you can try wearing alligator skin belts, ostrich belts, stingray belts, crocodile skin belts or even rhinestone belts and enhance your masculine appeal. You can also have designer options like metal sequin topped belts and bullet attached belts for your casual occasions. Amongst the wide range of collections, pick fashion belts that make you look classy.

Be unique and make a fashion statement

Since you will have to attend innumerable formal and casual events, you should never limit yourself to buying formal black belts alone. You must have at least two or three belts for your official gatherings and additional two belts for your casual events and occasions. Formal belts usually don’t have any designs printed on them and come in solid pattern. These formal belts are made of leather material and they are sure to give perfect balance and ultimate comfort to the wearer. Once you chose perfect formal belt for you, you then concentrate on the fashion side of these great accessories and buy stylish belts for you. If you would like to inspire others by your look, you can turn to world best gator skin belt that can excellently enhance your outfits. Once you choose to wear western belts, you will have a masculine appeal that is just right to catch the attention of entire crowd. When you walk into the room wearing these stylish western belts, everyone’s eyes will surely be on you and many young girls will for your fabulous look.

For a more casual look, you should certainly check out imitated caiman western style belts and stingray print black belts. Dot patterns on these leather belts will give a more elegant and sophisticated look to the wearer. Honey belts and red leather belts are amongst the trendier color options that give you a unique and dazzling look. You can also go for zigzag pattern belts in different leathers and textures etc. These belts were traditionally used to give a tight grip to the waistline, but today they are added as fashion accessories in men’s closet to accentuate different sorts of outfits. Whatever style and design you may choose, you are sure to make your own fashion statement with them. These belts are meant to highlight your figure, tone down your body shape and add a bit of glamour to your individual personality.

Investing in leather belts

An extensive range of belts is continuously flowing into the fashion market everyday to meet the fashion desires of men. There are various leather belts available in the market to suit your individual occasion best. Cowhide is the most commonly used material, but there are many more to add to the list. You can get sharkskin belts, alligator belts, stingray belts, lizard belts, ostrich belts and much more at reasonable rates from dependable online stores. Every single material has its own unique characteristics and makes you look stunning everywhere. Ostrich skin belts are known for their versatility to go with all sorts of attire. Lizard skin belts add charm to your outfit and make you look idiosyncratic on all your occasions. Also, they are subtle in nature and give a soft feel to the wearer. Crocodile skin belts are quite rugged, but sport an unparalleled beauty to the wearer. All these exotic western belts are meant to give you both professional and casual look according to your occasion. When you wear these belts, you are sure to get a smooth polished look that can be unmatched. For a sporty look, cowhide leather belts are the finest choice, while for the professional look, grained leather with alligator skin overlays form an outstanding fashion accessory. When you know the ways to invest in a right leather belt, you are done. A small investment in these western belts today will make a huge difference for your future. Given below are the commonly used leather belts that help you in the long run:

Alligator skin belts

As the name implies, these belts are made from the skin of worlds best alligators. This material has good abrasion resistance properties that give wearer a soft and smooth feel when worn. This material can be easily bent into any shape and worn by men of all sizes and shapes. The tensile property of this leather fabric is the main attraction that entices everyone to have this stylish belt. These belts are slightly different from fashion belts in look and toughness. Fashion belts do come with thick lining while alligator skin belts have thin lining that provide a high comfort and glamorous look to the wearer. These belts have oily exterior surface that will give out a shimmering look to the wearer. Last but not least, these belts are extremely easy to make.

Western belts

Usually these belts are fashioned in western American influenced patterns and designs with finest leather fabric. You can have unique designs in these belt varieties but most of the designs have been influenced by traditional old west.

Crocodile skin belts

When it comes to buying exotic leather belts, people often feel perplexed about buying whether crocodile leather or alligator leather. Both leather materials have higher market value but have slight variations in their usefulness. The versatility level of crocodile skin is quite higher than all other leather materials available today. They are also highly durable and can withstand wear and tear. When worn, they will give you a sophisticated luxurious feel that can never be gotten from other varieties. The strength of this leather material places crocodile skin belts on the top of the list. Because of these distinguishing features of crocodile skin belts, men tend to go for them often, even though they are expensive.

Stingray belts

Stingray belts are highly sought after fashion accessories available in today’s market. These belts are as attractive as they have been throughout history. They do have an attractive look and appealing texture. This leather material is amazingly durable and is capable of withstanding high wear and tear and decay. In fact, they are about 25 times stronger and better than cowhide leather. The strength of this material makes it highly resistant to being punctured or worn out. They are water resistant in nature that prevents water drops from entering into the interior surface of the belt. They are light weighted belts that make you feel cool and relaxed when worn. These belts are available in many colors to be worn for both formal and casual settings. You can have stingray belts in many different patterns, designs and lengths to suit into the individual body shape of the wearer. These belts do have tiny little bumps all over its surface which make it extremely attractive and incredibly unique. They are unpolished in nature, but give you a polished look when worn.

Rhinestone belts

These are the fancier belts available in an extensive range of styles and designs to meet the fashion preferences of men of all ages. These belts are made of world best animal skins that can make them look attractive and unique. They are also considered exclusively designed fashion accessories to be worn for casual and semi formal occasions. These belts are studded with rhinestones and are perfect to be matched with dressy outfits.

Be it a formal or casual occasion, it is extremely important to look good and entice everyone’s attention towards you and these western belts exactly help you achieve it. No matter what kind of belt you choose to wear, feeling royal will surely initiate the attractiveness within you. An investment in these fashion as well as functional belts can easily turn your plain appearance into more fantastic and breathtaking, while making you look slim and sexy. These belts are an excellent way to add a splash of color, highlight your natural curves and bring together your ensemble. So, why do you wait, have these stylish belts, relish in a great trend and make your midsection look incredibly narrower.