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Suits Under $100

Three Piece Prom Suit Suits are becoming an inevitable part of every man's wardrobe. While most men have one or two suits in their collection the ones who need to suit up often for work would need an array of suits. When you purchase for the suits one of the most important factor to note is the cost of the suits. In that case only very few men can afford the designer suits that can cost up to several thousands. Thus the need for cheap suits is prominent in the recent times. In this article we discuss about the mens suits under 100 dollars and how you can choose these styles to save your money.

When we talk about mens suits under 100 dollars most would hesitate thinking that they can look cheap and create a bad impression. But when you dare to explore you will be surprised to find there are many suits under 100 dollars that would look perfectly fine. The key is to focus more on the details and choosing them in the perfect sense for the look to work out. Here we give you some ideas on what to look out when you are choosing these suits under 100.

The first thing that you will have to note about the suits under 100 dollars is the fabric of the suit. When you are getting your first suit you might want to go with high quality wool suits since they have the best look. But when you choose to go more than the two suits then you might want to cut out on the cost you can choose to go with wool blend suits under 100. When you need a lightweight style you can go with the cotton suits or linen suits but when you need a cheaper style you can choose the cotton blend suits under 100 or linen blend suits under 100 with synthetic ones like Polyester or rayon. When you want the reduce the cost further then you can choose the 100% synthetic ones like polyester suits under 100 and rayon suits under 100 but you will have to compromise on some things. The synthetic cheap suits under 100 will be shiny under light and this can make them look cheap. This is why the blended suits under 100 dollars are more preferred than the 100% synthetic ones.

Purple Pastel Color Suit The drape of the suits under 100 also will be affected when compared to the expensive suits and thus it is important that you take special care in maintaining them. After you use the suit it will be best to hang them after lightly dusting it and when washing go with hand washing since piling can occur when they are machine washed. The durability of the suits under 100 depends on how you use them but it would be best if you don't use them regularly.

As for the construction of the suit the hand stitched ones that are done with careful precision can be very expensive. As a replacement you can choose to go with machine sewn suits under 100 that has standard construction as opposed to the carefully tailored ones. While you search through the cheap suits for men under 100 it is better for you check for the machine errors since it may or may not be caught and if you check thoroughly then you can get the best ones.

Another one of the factors with the cheap suits under 100 is the lining that is provided with the suits. While the high priced suits come with quality lining the suits under 100 are provided with fused lining since a quite amount of money can be saved with the lining. While you go with these suits under 100 with fused lining it will be best if you handle it with care since they can come apart very easily. If you are concerned about this much then you can choose to go with partially lined suits under 100 since this also saves a lot of cost.

The expensive suits often come with a well known brand name but with suits under 100 you will not get a brand name attached to it. The quality of the suit matters the most and when going with the suits under 100 you should focus more on the details of the suit rather than the brand. While this is not a big deal some people obsessed with the brands might fret over it.

Single Breated Suit As for the smaller details to check when you choose to spend time on it you can make even a cheap suit under 100 look expensive with little tweaks from your tailor. For example when you choose a mens suit under 100 check on the sleeves on whether they fit you properly without hanging off your arms. For example a 2 button suit under 100 with tapered narrow sleeves that fit you properly is easier to work on rather than the overly big ones. In recent times people are even preferring the mens wedding suit under 100.

When you choose the men's suits under 100 the buttons on the suit jacket and pants will be cheap plastic ones. After you purchase these suits under 100 you can replace these buttons with standard ones which can help the look to a great deal. As for the trousers on the suits under 100 make sure to go with the tapered ones that will accentuate your leg shape. You can ask your tailor to add a cuff at the end since this detail can make your suit look expensive.

As for the color stick with the classic ones like black suits under 100 or charcoal suits under 100 since they make the suit look finer and richer. For summer use you can choose grey suits under 100 or khaki suits under 100 and also stick with the standard styling. When you go with a solid plain suit under 100 you can pair it with expensive shoes to make them look standard.