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Kingsman Suit

Kingsman Suit We all love a good movie! But when it comes with cool spies dressed to perfection love turns into adoration. Kingsman – Secret service is one such movie which tends to draw you in with the interesting plotline and the visually pleasing cast. The fashion designers for the kingsman suit seemed have worked overtime given that almost all characters have a perfect styling and most even reflecting their personality. If you are a movie buff who is also into fashion then kingsman – secret service is a great movie to watch.

The focus today is to marvel the perfection of the kingsman suit and some breakdown maybe. The movie comes in several parts and one thing common among them all is the British accent and the well designed suits. The movie revolves around a spy network which operates under the cover of a high class tailor shop in London. When looking at this point there is no way the agents working there can be dressed sloppily. Later new recruits come in from America and thus their style is slightly different from the usual British style.

The mens suits in kingsman were designed keeping in mind the best option for the men in their 40s. While they started out with a simple style they included things over time. Though the suits slightly differed based on the personality of the character the overall look remained the same and thus it is easy for you to assemble a kingsman suit costume when the need arises. If you are interested read further to know how you can rock the kingsman suit styles.

Kingsman Suit The thing with kingsman suits is that they are basic and standard and thus you can wear them for almost any events. If you are a picky dresser then you would find the kingsman suit outfits to be perfect for any formal occasion. The classic kingsman suits come with the 6 × 2 arrangement of buttons and the last button should always be left undone. The kingsman double breasted suits are always selected in the darker and subdued colors as well expected of a spy. Usually kingsman navy suits and kingsman black suits are spotted but one that repeats often is the grey kingsman suits. The neutral color palette easily reflects the nature of the group on the whole which is not to fight unless provoked first.

The fabrics used for the are also of high quality since these people mostly operate in the high class community. You can see made of wool, mohair and silk all through the film and all these have a subtle sheen that screams money on the first glance. As for the details the suits come with flapped pockets and double vents which offer freedom of movement for the wearer which is important especially for the spies who get into fight at unexpected times.

The designer of the kingsman suit felt that there was no perfect fit for the men in the 40s. Thus instead of the too loose or too tight fit the suits were also slim fitted. The kingsman jacket suits come with a tapered fit that makes the shoulders of the wearer look broader and then it tapers slightly to give a flattering form. Other than this the kingsman suit jackets also come with high armholes and soft shoulders so that a modern look is achieved. The broad shouldered look is further aided by the presence of the wide peak lapels. As for the kingsman suit pants they are slim fitted.

Kingsman Suit Another detail that cannot be missed when talking about kingsman suits is that most of them come with pinstripes. The whole suit is pinstriped and sometimes chalk stripes are also spotted. The kingsman pinstripe suits give out a flattering look for the wearer since the vertical stripes always had a slimming effect on the wearer thus consequently making the person look taller. If you are a short and stout person then you should definitely try out the pinstripe kingsman tailored suits or for a cheaper choice off the rack options.

While these are the basic characteristics of the kingsman suits the cast had slight differences which distinguished it from the other person’s style. For example if you are a fan of the quirky eggsy then you might be a person who tries out new things atleast with fashion. For a perfect example of eggsy’s clothing choice you can take his most eccentric outfit in the film. There is no way in which you would have missed the orange kingsman dinner suit that he wears for a special occasion. While the velvet tuxedos are allowed for these types of formal events, most would choose them in the darker shades of black, navy or even grey. But eggsy goes his own way with the striking kingsman suit that also comes with the contrasting black peak lapels.

Kingsman Suit The shoes that are paired with the kingsman suits is also an important detail for the completion of the outfit analysis. Most times the kingsmen stick with the formal option of the oxfords but you can also note that there is a reference about brogues in the film. If you want a perfect style that you can pair with the kingsman 2 button suits then you can choose to go with the black cap toe oxfords since they balance out the outfit in the perfect sense. Other than these there are also casual options that are sometimes spotted in the movie like the penny loafers and Chelsea boots. Depending on the choice of your outfit for the day and what is the appropriate choice you can make the choice.

For example if you are dressed on a full formal attire and ready to kick ass then you should go with the oxfords. But if you are going with the slightly more casual choices like for example kingsman suits mens blazer then you can take out the loafers to match with the outfit.