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Tuxedo tails

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The tuxedos are a symbol of power and elegance in mens fashion. The version of tuxedos that we have now had its origin in the late 1800s and since then have been one of the staples for formal events. Before the short tuxedos that we have now, tuxedo tails dominated the formal menswear market for a long time. Even today for the very formal events and the royal events the guests are required to be in tuxedo tails. Today we are going to discuss about the tuxedo tails and the events that are appropriate to style them.

As for the origin of the tuxedo tails, the initial form was like a long coat men. After this the front portion was cut off and the left out back portion was called as tails. Over time the corners of the tails were rounded off and this made them look like actual tails. The tuxedo tails are also popularly known as tailcoats and are usually worn to white tie events. In the early times tuxedo tails were considered to be the proper formal wear to the evening events. During the world war times, the short tuxedo replaced the tuxedo tails as a formal wear and the practice has continued.

The tuxedo tails similar to tuxedos are not to be seen in daylight. This means that they should be restricted to the strictly formal events that happen after sundown. But there are some exceptions like weddings and such where you can style tuxedo tails in daylight. The solid black tuxedo tails are considered to be more formal than the usual tuxedo and are even now prevalent in the United Kingdom, Japan and parts of Western Europe. In the United States the tuxedo tails have disappeared and the short tuxedo is considered to be the ultimate formal wear.

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As for the events that require you to wear tuxedo tails, there are very few to be honest. Opera events are considered to be prestigious and historically men were required to be in tuxedo tails but in recent times there is no such restriction. Still people attend operas in tuxedo tails but it is very rare. Other than this dressy events like balls and proms are some of the places you can style your tuxedo tails to. Though it might look out of place in school proms, private black tie events and large dinner dances by corporations are some of the options for tuxedo tails. Weddings are another event that you can wear tuxedo tails. David Beckham rocked the single breasted tuxedo tails look in the royal wedding and became the talk of the day. double breasted tuxedos are rare even for formal events.

The fit of the tuxedo tails is what makes or breaks the look. It is best to go with 3 piece tuxedo tails for an enhanced look. A well fitted tuxedo tails look will make you stand out among the crowd. slim fit tuxedo is the most popular option among the younger generation.