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Pinstripe Suit

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Pinstripe Suit Pinstripe suits are said to be out of fashion but the topic is debatable. This classic style is definitely having a comeback with more and more people preferring to go with the pinstripe suits when compared with the solid suits. Most of us tend to picture a financier or banker when we hear about pinstripe suits. This is because of the fact that the pinstripe suit was like a uniform to the bankers ever since the 1980s. You can also see it's use in the Hollywood hit " Wolf of the Wall Street" Hollywood has greatly favored the pinstripe style even with its incorporation in gangster movies.

The pinstripe suit style was first birthed in the 19th century by the British bankers. The pinstripe suit styles at that time was used to blend in with the crowd rather than standing out from the mass. Each bank at that time is said to have had different styles of their own stripe that varied in shade and weight thus it may be easy to identify which person worked for which bank. This continued for quite some time after which the pinstripe style was adopted by the Chicago baseball club team by the start of the 20th century and later was stolen by another team who were their rivals.

Pinstripe Suit The British people at that time wore these pinstripes only in their trousers but in The United States the gangsters at that time took on the pinstripes to whole different level. These people went on wearing full pinstripe suits. These mens suits style for some time was used as a rebel statement by both the gangsters and thus continuing in the Hollywood. The pinstripe suits were said to have worn by the glamorous and sophisticated men. This trend started picking up and soon men who just wanted to look glamorous started wearing the pinstripe suits. This made the pinstripe style slightly less desirable.

By 2008 when the financial crisis hit, the demand for the pinstripe suit also fell to a great degree since the men did not want to be seen dressed like bankers. Soon the restriction of the pinstripe to suits was overcome and designers started incorporating the design in all garments like trousers, mens overcoat, t-shirts and all other menswear. As of that time the pinstripes has been an integral part in the men's garments.

Pinstripe Suit If you are thinking about getting a pinstripe suit there are some basic things that you will have to keep in mind to style it right. It is always better to avoid contrasting collar shirts since you will need to maintain the formality of the pinstripe suit. If you are getting your first Pinstripe suits you can go with a navy one since it is one of most versatile color when it comes to suits. If you want to wear your pinstripe suit for casual events then you can go with lighter shades of blue or gray. You can lose the tie and go with the top button loose in the shirt.

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