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Mens Velvet Blazer


Velvet Blazer While there are many styles in mens blazers only few have the potential to be truly striking. One among them is the mens velvet blazers which is now becoming a style favorite among fashionable men. In this article we discuss the mens velvet and why you should have one in your wardrobe.

Most of the men would avoid going with blazers or any velvet clothing on the whole since they consider it hard to pull off. But fashion is fast paced and now you can see a lot of people being open to this style. One major inspiration is Harry Styles since the young heartthrob has managed to go with styles that usually are considered to be outlandish by the conservative people. He is one of the prominent figures in the men's fashion industry and this is because of the fact that he isn't hesitant to try on styles that most men would shy away from. Also, he has an eye for the historical fashion and has the ability to recycle and reuse them according to the current trends. The suits that he wear always gives a nod to the older times but also has the playful flamboyance. Also, another major thing is that he effortlessly breaks the gender norms on the mens fashion styles and does it with style. This is one of the aspect which had made the blazers one of his favorites. Most of the time, men are encouraged to conform with the pre conceived standard in the fashion. Mens velvet has an eccentricity about them that makes them stand out from the usual styles. Since the clothes that we wear are one of the major ideas of self expression and also plays a great part in creating an impression it will be a shame to always conform with the standard. Mens velvet are the ones that provide you the chance of expressing yourself maybe slightly in an unconventional way but still in a special way nonetheless.

Velvet Blazer As for the mens velvet blazer it is one of the most versatile garment that you can have in your wardrobe. While you can style the formal blazer perfectly for the important events with formal combining garments you can also wear the casual mens velvet with a plain t-shirt and dark colored jeans for a smart casual look. For example you can easily style the mens velvet for wedding if you are the groom. Going with this outfit you can stand out in the crowd in the special day. But for casual events like parties then it would be better to go with mens velvet party blazers which are more flashy and trendy. You can also go with patterned blazer outfits.

Now as for the mens velvet blazers there are some benefits that you can never get on the usual polyester and cotton suits. The mens velvet blazers have a rich appearance to it and also the material is seductive to wear. Also, it is a versatile wear as said before. When you style the blazer with proper combining garments to a morning event it might look quite cozy but when you wear it as an evening wear it will give you the elegant James Bond type of look. Therefore, if you don't own a mens velvet already it may be best if you get one soon. In the earlier times, mens velvet suits and velvet blazers were the garments that were reserved for the evening events but in the recent times you can even wear the style to your office given that it is of appropriate color and tone.

Another thing that you need to note in the mens velvet is the cut of the garment. You must choose a sharp and flattering cut when it comes to the occasions that you will be required to be in blazers. The cut of the classy mens velvet should never look skimpy and should be of a snug fit. Slim fit blazers are a good choice especially for the lean and tall men since they give the wearer a nicely fitting look. Other than this you can also try out the classic fit mens velvet or big and tall blazers when you need a slightly more roomier and comfortable fit. As for the trousers that you pair with the mens velvet it is best to go with the slim fit ones. The skinny fit trousers especially if it is also velvet would be too flashy and anything looser than the slim might look awful. Therefore, stick with slim fit for the trousers when it comes to blazers.

Velvet Blazer As for the details involved with the mens velvet you can add style to the outfit by adding some of the velvet accessories. Some of the recommendations are velvet bow tie and velvet covered cuff links when you style it with formal combining garments for important evening events. You can also take it up a notch higher with velvet pocket squares and velvet slippers. If you want to look classy in the mens velvet you are wearing you can add one or two of these accessories. Adding more accessories gives you an extravagant look which still looks perfect for the evening event. When it comes to pairing the velvet slippers with the blazer style it needs a certain level of confidence to pull it off compared to the formal shoes.

The mens velvet might be a little expensive when compared to the wool or cotton blazers. Thus make sure you go with the high quality blazers which will help you get the best out of the money you spend on it. You can buy mens velvet online or you can opt to get them from stores. If going with online purchase it will be best to know the correct measurements so that you can get the perfect fit.