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Cowboy boots are stylish western foot covering pieces that are very much in vogue today. Because of its attractive look, it is still a hot favorite amongst fashion conscious men. You will be astonished on knowing the different kinds of cowboy boots for men available in the fashion market today. You can get traditional cowboy boots, retro style boots and even today’s western cowboy boots easily. These boots are sure to give you a unique and stunning look, when worn. If you look down at the feet of cine stars, rock stars and many celebrities, you will see them wearing cowboy boots and obviously it is the trend these days. These foot wears are the latest craze that makes every fashion aficionado long to wear it. Because of the charm and sex appeal these boots ooze out, these boots are valued everywhere and worn by everyone. In fact these cowboy boots are vintage style foot clothing, but still there is something classy about these items that make everyone fall for it.

Owning a pair of these western cowboy boots has also become a status symbol today. What do you think that amazes most of the fashion enthusiasts to long for these boots? Our fashion industry never runs out of creative ideas and new designs for cowboy boots and it is really amazing to know the many different varieties of cowboy boots available in today’s fashion market. There are also many more designs yet to come into the scene. You will find riding cowboy boots, work cowboy boots, charro cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, exotic skin boots, Los Altos cowboy boots,caiman skin boots, alligator skin boots, ostrich skin boots, eel skin boots and much more in many attractive colors. In fact, the list is never ending and all these available boots can be custom made according to your fashion preferences. Whatever style you choose to wear, these cowboy boots will make you look stunning when worn and they will continue to be in fashion forever.

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Different styles in cowboy boots

Riding cowboy boots

Regardless of your riding experience, you simply need to wear a right set of boots to keep your foot safe. When you choose to wear riding boots, you will get more and better protection in your lower feet and there will be less chances of rubbing against the saddle. These boots will give you a comfortable grip to you while riding fast. The heels present in these cowboy boots slide easily into the stirrups and it helps prevent unforeseen slipping and all. They can also safeguard your feet from accidental injuries and harsh weather conditions. There are four different types of riding boots available namely tall English boots, short English boots, western riding boots and field boots.

Short cowboy boots

bootShort boots are stylish boots that any man can wear and flaunt their figure proudly. They are extremely comfortable foot wears that help keep your feet completely dry. These boots are generally made of sheepskin and it gives a luxurious royal to the wearer. You can match pair up these boots with all your clothing articles like formal outfits, casual outfits, denim jeans and much more. Sheepskin is so supple and elastic and you will get a classy look that can be unmatched by other varieties. Surely, you will look distinctive with these classic short boots and make a huge fashion statement. These boots are wrinkle resistant and can be used for your lifetime. With their chic and masculine appeal, these short boots are sure to spice up your look to a greater extent.

Rubber sole boots

bootsRubber sole boots are indispensable work staples for an extensive range of working conditions. Not only do these rubber sole boots make you feel comfortable but also they prevent any serious injury to your feet. Wearing rubber sole boots is actually an excellent investment that can be made for your lifetime. It is quite hard to come across the rainy days without any discomfort and rubber sole boots are just designed to accomplish that. They will be the perfect partners for your feet during rainy period. There are innumerable colors and styles associated with this kind of boots that can make you feel good, look stylish and keep your feet dry. These boots also do come with adjustable strap across the top buckle to give you a comfortable grip and right fit.

Motorcycle cowboy boots

Motorcycle riding is always adventurous, we all know. It is also a dangerous sport in the world and there are better chances for any mishaps during riding. In order to help them have a protective gear to shield them better, motorcycle boots are designed. There are many varieties available in motorcycle boots including motocross boots, touring boots, harness boots, engineering shoes and motorcycle cop boots. Safety is the main reason riders go for this kind of boots. It is usually worn from ankle to knee and it has low heels to efficiently control the motorcycle. These motorcycle boots are usually made of thick leather that gives full protection to ankles, feet and legs from any unexpected accidents. Also, the leather used is energy absorbing in nature and it helps you stay away from heavy sweat. You can have either above ankle boot or underneath knee boot according to your ride and individual style. These boots resemble a normal boot on the exterior portion, but it comes with smaller heal that will help you have a good control over your ride. Certain varieties of these boots do come with waterproofing layer too that will help avoid water drops entering into your feet. Wearing motorcycle boots certainly makes your ride pleasurable.

Ankle cowboy boots

Ankle boots are a fashion craze today and they continue to be the most favorite amongst youngsters. This kind of boots can give a modish touch to all your outfits and make you look so stylish. When you wear right attire with perfect fit ankle boots, then you are complete and your masculine appeal will be enhanced greatly. These boots are made with different materials and they tend to weave their way in and out of fashion trends every so often. They were hot in 1980s with certain designs, were in trend during 90s with some more additional features and are still in trend with many new variations. Remember, there are specific additions and rejections to this boots, but they were in style and are in style and will be in vogue eternally. These ankle boots are extraordinary boots that can look good with all your wardrobe ensembles and eventually make you look dazzling.

If you would like to look more stylish, try tucking a pair of fitted denim jeans into your ankle boots. You will certainly look sensational with fitted jeans and ankle boots. If you go for skinny jeans and ankle boots, your legs will appear quite longer and will give out the illusion of taller stature. Whatever variety you may choose, these ankle boots flatter almost all body shapes. These boots usually come in more traditional colors like tan, taupe, beige, brown etc. Tan cowboy ankle boots will compliment most of your casual jeans and help keep your ensemble more streamlined. They will also help avoid the image of looking too heavy with your clothing articles. For a dual themed look, you can go for beige cowboy ankle boots. Wearing a khaki cowboy ankle boot will create a softer effect and make you look more masculine. These ankle boots are sure to add some definition and character to your look. Ostrich Print Beige Western Boots Wild West Ivory Tan ~ Beige Genuine Crocodile Skin ~ Gator Skin Western Dress Cowboy Boot

Work boots

Work boots are an important necessity when it comes to giving comfort while working. No matter what sort of work you are into, you need to have a pair of work boots to ensure your safety all the time, since these work boots give you additional protection and good comfort. These boots have the ability to make your work experience more comfortable and extremely safer. If you are into the work that involves fast movements and needs traction, work boots designed from direct-attach methods are perfect to proceed with. These boots are made of highly durable materials and they shield you from even electric shocks too. Gone are the days, when you had the option of getting boots in formal black and brown colors, but now you can have work boots in many vibrant colors that you think of. You can get purple cowboy work boots, green cowboy boots, gold cowboy boots, burgundy cowboy boots, blue cowboy work boots and much more. You can also have high performing cowboy work boots in grey, olive, orange and silver colors. You can also relish in the same air-cushion non-marking outsoles, comfortable layers of cushioning and leather that is highly resistant to oils and chemicals. Over the top, these cowboy work boots are now made with narrower bases to accommodate smaller feet perfectly.

Varieties by toe

Square toe cowboy boots

Like many other fashions, cowboy square toe boots had evolved from various styles and now they earned a solid place in fashion market. Cowboy boots had been firstly seen in late 1800s and since that time there have been many changes in the boots fashion from pointed toe to round toe to now the square toe cowboy boots. The very first variety of square toe boots is called as wellington cowboy boots and they are extremely traditional pieces that you can have even today. It consists of flat heel and square toe and it is quite like a V shape cowboy boot. These boots do come with V-shaped cut in the front and ornamented with long tassels that make them eye-catching in nature. The V cut will give a traditional western touch to the wearer. The heels of these shoes are made of pure leather, faux and synthetic materials. The boots also come in many different colors that range from the classic black to stylish pink, even all the way to silver color.

Pointed toe boots

These are roper style boots usually narrow in structure and are more of contemporary models. These boots are highly recognizable in the market because of their modern looks. Even a non cowboy fan will go for these boots because of its stylish design and appealing nature. You will find the shaft of the boots above the ankle. There will also be a low and squared help perfectly shaping the sole of the heel and the heel height is around 1 inch. The toes are oval shaped and they do have a lacing arrangement close to the ankle. There are also zipping options available in these boots that can add more to your look. The beauty of these pointed toe boots is that you can still wear all your wardrobe outfits during winter and stay snug and warm. These boots are made in such a way that they keep your legs warmer all the time.

Steel toe boots

At times, you will find your regular shoes are not safeguarding your feet during hard times and extreme weather conditions. This is where you need western style steel toe boots. They are an excellent addition to your outfit making you feel safer during harsh winter. They are highly durable in nature and shield your feet from any hazards come in your way.

Round toe boots

These boots are cylindrical in shape and give you a flattering look when worn. Like all other boots, they also give you ultimate comfort and supreme protection from weather elements, during heavy work or even during riding. Since the front portion is rounded in structure, you will get a clean and formal look when worn.

Aforementioned varieties are just limited styles and there are infinite choices in men’s cowboy boots. You can add caiman skin boots, alligator skin boots, leather skin boots, ostrich skin boots, eel skin boots and even snakeskin boots to your collection and wear it according to your occasions. Whenever you wear these boots, you will be seen as most luxurious and sophisticated person and be given more respect that just can’t be vocalized. One thing is for sure, with mens cowboy boots, you are in fashion and having a certain level of charisma that is just right to loud out a style statement.