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Dark Blue Suit


Wool Suit One of the garment that is close to a magic suit in mens fashion is the suit. Be it formal or casual event you can easily style the dark blue suit without looking out of place. The suit gives the wearer a clean look that can blend in with almost all garments thus having the best versatility. In this article we discuss the suit and some of the innovative ways of styling them.

The blue suit is a common choice and chances are high that it is the first suit that most men prefer to buy. The corporate companies have the suit as the common dress code and every professional will have atleast one blue suit in their wardrobe. Though the suit is common this does not mean that it should be boring. The versatility of the classic suit will help you dress it up or down easily. If you are thinking of getting a suit or thinking of new ways to style the existing suit in your wardrobe then here are some tips that might help you in the process.

If you are on the first category and looking for a dark blue suit to purchase then the quality of the suit is the most important thing to note. Check for the fabric from which the suit is made from and compare it's use with the purpose for which you are getting the suit. For example if you are looking for a formal wear then we would recommend you to try out the wool suit. The fabric is easy to get and is also available at reasonable price range. Thus the wool suit is a great choice for styling for professional use.

If you are living in a place with humid climate and mild winters the wool suit might feel suffocating or some would simply dislike the broad look of the wool suits. In this case you can go with lightweight suit which will keep you cool through the day. Cotton suit is the one that would tick all these boxes and look great for formal use like an office wear.Blue linen suits are also good choices when you need a breathable garment but they tend to wrinkle easily. Thus they are mostly avoided for formal office use and is mostly recommended for semi formal and casual use like summer weddings and parties.

Navy Blue Patterned Tuxedo The silk suits and velvet suits have a unique look that makes them best to be reseved for special occasions where you want to stand out even while dressed in a usual style like suit. As for the price range if you want a cheap suit then opt for the synthetic ones like polyester suits and rayon suits.

As for styling the dark blue suits the details involved with the suits should be carefully noted. A suit is a timeless classic that you can wear with almost all garments but that does not mean that you can be lethargic and pull out randomly the garments and then style it together. Make sure you go with the right style that would suit your style and also the nature of the event that you are attending.

For a classic look that could never go wrong you can pair the suit with a white dress shirt. Blue and white perfectly matches giving the wearer a clean look. A peak lapel suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black knit tie can be a great look for a regular office day. You can also go with bold patterned ties and colored ones since the white canvas will give a perfect background for showcasing the tie. Other than this you can also lose the tie option and wear the white dress shirt with the top two buttons left open when you need a slightly casual style. Other than the white dress shirt you can also try out the light blue dress shirt or a pink dress shirt when you are bored with the usual look. A mens blue dress shirtpaired with a shawl lapel dark blue suit can be a great look for weddings. You can complete the look with a pocket square and a boutonniere. As for the footwear you can go with the formal ones like black patent leather shoes.

For a smart casual look you can pair the casual dark blue suit with casual garments like a Breton top. For a laid back look you can pair the notch lapel suit with a white and navy striped Breton top and complete the look with a pair of black leather tassel loafers.

Prom Suit Blue pairs well with almost all colors but gives off an elegant vibe when you pair it well with dark colors like black. If you are not ready to pair the suit with a tshirt you can opt for the interim look by pairing the mens suits with a polo shirt. A 2 button blue suit paired with a black polo shirt is a ideal look. The polo shirt is a relaxed look when compared to a dress shirt and thus you can wear this outfit for casual events like parties and such.

For a smart casual look you can pair the blue suit with a tshirt or a turtleneck. A dark blue slim fit suit paired with a gray crew neck tshirt can be a effortless smart look. You can also pair the classic fit suit with a patterned combining garment like a polka dot dress shirt or simple striped shirt for a semi formal look. For a smart winter look you can pair the modern fit suit with a cream turtleneck and complete it with dark brown leather loafers.