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Black And White Striped Suit

Black Suit Stripes have been a friend of menswear for a long time now. Even the most subtlest of the dressers will be ready to wear the striped suits. Thus you don’t need to worry too much about transitioning from the plain suits to the patterned suits.. Every famous person have atleast once rocked the look and thus makes it one of the most basic styles available in the market. As for the color of the suits our recommendation would be for you to try out the black and white striped suits. The reason why we recommend these mens suitsis because of the fact that both black and white are neutral colors and thus is easier to style when compared to the other colors.

We understand that it is a basic recommendation since black suit is not exactly a new style for men. There is still an argument that pops up regularly that black suits are too boring and we should transition to a more exciting color. But the fact that the style has thrived all through the years despite it being plain showcases it popularity and versatility. Black suits work for almost any event and this is one of the best things about the suit. Other than this stripes is the most popular and subtlest style of patterns available. Thus for a person who is thinking of trying out the patterned suits for the first time then there is no better choice than the mens striped suits.

Black White Pinstripe Suit The black and white striped suits mens would definitely give you a banker type look since the style was popular in the start of the 20th century. The banks had different styles of stripes for their employees. Some had wide stripes while some went with the narrow styles. Even today there are different styles of striped suits available depending on the spacing and the width of the stripes. For the look to work consider the type of event that you are attending and then choose the black and white striped pantsuit style that would best suit you and also be appropriate for the event.

The color of the stripes on the mens black striped suit matters the most. If you want a subtle and simple style then choose the ones with darker stripes like black suits with grey stripes and such. Also go with the ones that have narrow stripes like the black and white pinstripe suits. But if you are ready to grab some attention with your outfit then you can go with the black suits with the white stripes. While the former style would look like a plain suit from a distance the patterns on the latter ones are prominent. Other than the black suits you can also choose to go with the mens white striped suits with black stripes. While the black suits are for the formal use you can go with the white suitsfor the summer casual use.

Black Suit Styling the striped suits is definitely an easy job but it can be confusing for people who are new to the striped suits. Thus we bring you some of the styling ideas for the black white striped suits that would help you get an idea of what would work for you. For a simple and elegant look that you can even wear as a business suit style the black and white mens striped suit with a white dress shirt and dark purple tie. Since black is a neutral and formal color you can style the garment for almost all seasons. If you are feeling chilly in the former mentioned outfit add with it a dark brown herringbone overcoat and complete the look with a pair of black socks and dark brown suede tassel loafers

While this is a formal look you can also choose to go with the semi formal or casual styling of the suits. For example instead of the whole dress shirt and tie fiasco you can swap it with a simple white turtleneck to achieve a good case of the black and white striped suit outfit. If you are not a big fan of the turtleneck look then you can choose to style the suit with a crew neck knitted sweater. Whichever the choice you make, go with the ones that you feel comfortable in since you cannot keep looking anxious about the style the whole day.

White Black Pinstripe Suit Now the black and white pinstripe suits give the wearer a formal and dressed up look but when you want the garment to be styled for a slightly more casual event then you can go with the thicker and more prominent stripes. Black and white chalk striped suits are the ones that are recommended for these types of events. For example you can style the chalk striped black suit with a simple white crew neck t-shirt. This would be a cool style to wear when you are attending the summer casual events like beach parties and such. To add a laid back and stylish look to the outfit you can add with it a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. If you want the look to be more casual and trendy you can style the black and white striped linen suit with a black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black and white canvas low top sneakers.

For a casual but neat look that would work for the events like weddings and such you can style the suit mens with a white dress shirt and leave it at that. If you are feeling slightly chilly then you can add a grey paisley scarf and a olive field jacket or an overcoat. To add a bit of class you can add with the outfit black socks and brown leather derby shoes. Other than this you can choose to go with the black and white striped jacket and then style it with appropriate combining garments.