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Hunter Green Suit

Green Suits Black, gray and navy are the most used colors in the mens wear. Out of all the numerous colors available most men tend to stick with these three colors and ignore the other colors. Hunter green is one of these colors that are underused or purposely ignored colors when it comes to men's garments. Green was a color that was extensively used in the past for mens wear. The style dwindled with time but now is seen making a comeback especially among the younger generation. Now major brands are even constantly bringing back the style with some style changes that make them relevant to the recent times.

If you are thinking of trying out the hunter green suit style then there are a few things that you will have to note. Hunter suits are extremely versatile and selecting the style that you need is the most important thing while purchasing. The first thing with green suits is that they tend to look great in linen. They are one of the best styles when it comes to smart casual styles. You can wear linen hunter green suit with a white button down shirt and brown loafers for a neat semi formal look. You can also go with the wool hunter green suits and the options are endless.

Now another main thing with green suits is choosing the shade of the suit. This is very important since this influences your outfit look the most. When deciding on the shade of your green suit keep in mind the purpose of the suit that you are buying. For example if you are bored with your navy and gray office wardrobe and want to try out the green suit look then it is best to go with dark shades of green suits. Hunter suits are one of the best option when it comes to the formal look. The dark shade of the suit makes you look unique but at the same time do not attract unnecessary stares in your work environment. The dark shade of suit blends and can be even used as an alternative to charcoal suits. These suits are the best when it comes to winter. The brighter shades of the colors tend to stand out too much in the dull season like winter but suit is perfect for this type of season. Other than the suits you can also go with dark shades like olive green suits and dark green suits

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Another area that the hunter suits score well is weddings. If you are the groom and intend to go with suits instead of tuxedos then you can give suits a serious thought. These suits also look good in summer and spring under the natural light and make way for good pictures. If you are the guest to these weddings you can go with suits but do not go with any styles that make you stand out too much. As for casual use you can go with lighter shades of green suits. Lighter shades look the best in summers and spring.

When you are selecting the suits you need to get the details right. For this you will have to consider the purpose for the purchase of the suit and how you are intending to use it. For example if you are getting the suits for strictly formal purposes like business meetings then you can go with double breasted hunter green suits. The double breasted suits give an instant serious look and make you look powerful. On the contrary if you are getting the suits for semi formal and casual purposes then you can go with single breasted hunter green suits. The single breasted style is more versatile and can be worn to a variety of events when compared with the double breasted suits.

Other than this if you are getting the hunter suits for special occasions like weddings then you can go with 3 piece suits. The vested suit will make you look classy and sophisticated. 2 piece hunter green suits can be worn to almost all events and if in the right shade even as office wear.

2 button Green SuitsWhen you go with vested suits the number of buttons on the suit matters a lot. Vests with 4 to 5 buttons will create a high neck. This high necked look is best for tall men who have inches to spare. This look will balance out the long legs of the person by creating an illusion of elongated upper torso. If you are a short person you can go with less number of buttons on the vest. It is best to select vests that has two or three buttons since the low neck will make you look taller. The vests are worn so that it can create an uninterrupted look effectively hiding the shirt material from showing when the jacket of the suits is fully buttoned.

As for the 2 piece suits these details apply to the number of buttons on the jacket. If you are a short person then you can go with single button or two button suits. . If you are a tall person you can instead go with four or five button hunter green suits.

As for the lapels on the suits you should select it carefully. For example if you are going to wear the suits for the formal events like business meetings and evening dinners then you should select peak lapel hunter green suits. But if you are going with the suits for semi formal events and casual events then you should go with notch lapel hunter green suits. The peak lapels are the most formal options and the notch lapels are considered to be a more casual options. Other than this you can go with shawl lapel hunter green suits if you want a dressier option. Some suits come with a contrasting colored shawl lapels.