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Royal Blue Tuxedos

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Looking for the perfect blue blazer to meet your prom goals? You want it to be blue but also want your blazer to have that extra spark and magic to it that can lure in all your desired responses? Go for a royal blue tuxedo jacket then!

A two button slim-fit royal blue tuxedo with black waistcoat and black dress shirt would make your entire ensemble look straight out of a fairytale. This blazer is also good for graduation and wedding ceremonies. For a vintage 1920s look, that screams gangster and rebellion, try out the bright blue pinstripe suit. The bold stripes on your blazer will really make the mysterious man in you come out. Add some extra magic to the mix by wearing the good old white button-down shirt and ditch the tie.

There suits come for men of all tastes, shapes and sizes. Slim-fit, big, tall, big and tall, large-everything. Tuxedos (suits with satin lapels) are usually only worn for events set out during the evening and night. But the royal blue suits and blazers are available for any kind of event set during any kind of time.

It is known that blue stand for sophistication yet calmness. So try out a double-breasted royal blue suit for that wedding you have. Try out velvet blue suit for proms and graduation parties. Throw on a long-sleeved button down white shirt, bow tie and dress shoes and yep, you are guaranteed to steal the show!

There are also more embellished and designer royal blue tuxedos, (even in sequins!) specially made for you to ooze the magic you contain in your heart. These jackets are ideal for weddings and can be worn in any season. Such designer tuxedos may pose a bit of a challenge when it comes to styling. Which is why, Im here. A black full-sleeved button down shirt always goes with literally anything- just like white does. When you are trying to style a flashy electric blue, like the royal blue suits, keep it simple with white, brown and black only. Add a watch and derby shoes and hit the all the right curves.

For a more casual look, ditch a royal blue three-piece suit. Take only a blue jacket and pair it with white polo half-sleeved shirt that fits right with black denims and loafers. And there you have it, a casual yet formal look in traditionally formal clothing.

So now that we have talked about how you can style a royal blue blazer, what it goes with, what it does not go with, where to and when to wear it, let’s address the elephant in the room- where can you buy a good, high-quality, stylish mens suits?

But most importantly, where can you get a blue suit that is not overpriced, just the right fit for you while hitting the exact right spot for the style factor? Here at

you can get designer suits, tuxedos and jackets, that is fit for all occasions. If a shirt does not hit you right, take a look at our cheap yet high quality suits, trousers and more, specifically designed for the likes of gentlemen like you.