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Western Tuxedo

Black Suit Western tuxedo makes the outfit for a special occasion and events. It can be worn for a casual event or a cowboy themed event and also a unique choice for wedding. They can also be worn to a formal event as a formal wear. It is referred to as a western tuxedo as an apparent hybrid appeared in the southeastern states. People of Texas call it as Texas tuxedo, it might have other names but it is commonly known as western tuxedo. When you wear them you portray a cool personality and it makes you look unique and helps you to stand out from the rest.

A tuxedo consist a tuxedo jacket, a formal tuxedo shirt, a pair of denim jeans, a cowboy hat, a big belt, a string tie or a bow tie and sometimes even neck tie and a pair of cowboy boots. You can style up your tuxedo like you normally do, but this time you will be adding extra mens accessories like a hat and cowboy shoes. When you attend a casual event you can try giving a youthful twist to your outfit. But when you wear it as a formal wear to a formal event then you might have to consider some rules. The western tuxedo does not have any particular rules but when we are attending a formal event it is important that we don't reduce formality.

The tuxedo jacket is mostly worn in black with the white tuxedo shirt. You can wear a vest if you want but it is not necessary, it can a color of your choice if you are wearing them. As for the shirt you can choose between a pleated tuxedo shirt, pique bib tuxedo shirt and plain tuxedo shirt. When you wear a tuxedo shirt with details it helps in enhancing your whole look. A black cowboy boots polished well like a mirror, a string tie or a bow tie which matches your tuxedo jacket will be a perfect addition to your look, you can also try wearing a bolo tie which would be a center of attraction to your look.

Black Suit It was first emerged as a formal wear which was cowboy themed for the black tie and boots dances which was first held in 1940s by the social organizations in Texas. It is a fusion of casual and traditional formal attire. This attire became very popular and caught a lot of attention from people when George HW. Bush wore this for a ball inauguration in 1983 the trend was immediately loved by a lot of people and they started wearing it. Even today we can find men in this attire but not like we used to, choosing this mens outfit can be a great advantage when you want to be unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Other accessories like the hat, belt, cufflinks, studs, pocket square can be used. When you wear a hat make sure it is the country style cowboy hat nice and big, they are also mostly worn in black but also can be matched with your tuxedo jacket. An oversized belt would be the best match for the attire, so make sure you wear one. A pocket square of contrast color can be kept in your chest pocket to enhance the look of the jacket. Cufflinks and studs can be worn as you usually wear them with the tuxedos. These little details are the ones which help you achieve your ideal look. Never hesitate to try new looks but make sure to dress appropriately. You can match your bow tie to your vest if you are wearing one, also a patterned vest can add more detail to your looks than just a solid vest. Never forget to match your pocket square with your vest.

Cowboy tuxedo are not any different as we use the jacket of the tuxedo the lapel is made of silk,and you can choose any type of lapel. You can also try wearing other color tuxedo jackets, as for the jeans; black jeans are usually worn for formal events but you can also try wearing a blue denim jeans for a casual event. A lot of men prefer blue over black jeans as they give a distinctive look to the wearer. Fit of the tuxedo jacket is very important; if your jacket is not fitting you properly then your whole look will definitely be a mess. People tend to judge someone with their appearance, when you wear a neat and crisp outfit it earns respect from others. It is always the first impression which will be speaking about you till the end, so make sure to dress up well to any where you go.

Wool Suit When you want a unique esthetic outfit for your wedding then this might be it. The wedding western tuxedo is specially made with care for the grooms, high quality and fancy western tuxedos are available. A slim fit tuxedo is the right choice to any type of body; it fit closely to the body of the wearer. This makes the wearer look thinner and taller, creating a lot of confidence for the wearer. You should always be comfortable and confident in what you wear. If you don't feel any of them then it is just not the right outfit for you. This fit allows you to move with ease without restricting your movements. You should never wear something that does not fit you right.

Fabric of the outfit is much more important because comfort is the most important factor. While buying always consider a tuxedo jacket that is made from wool as they are not only comfortable but also breathable, natural, absorbent and can regulate your body temperature as well. Tuxedo shirt which is made from twill is a perfect choice, as twill is made from cotton they are natural and have similar properties like the wool; for the jeans, yes it is the denim. You can definitely ace the western tuxedo when you style it right.