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Checker Suits

Checker Suit There are a lot of styles when it comes to mens suits but the checker suits have gained a major place in men's fashion. The simple pattern has managed to stay for a long time gaining the status of being one of the oldest known patterns in mens fashion. The checks are not only seen on suits but has conquered every single piece of mens garments - think checker shirts, checker vests and many more. So it is high time that you get to know about this famous pattern and how to style the checker suits for different looks.

You would have heard that the checks originated from the Highlands of Scotland. It was the time when the British people settled on these lands and even purchased them. These estates were surrounded by the forests and hills and when it came to activities like hunting they needed special garments that blended in with the surroundings. Thus the owners of the estates formed their own styles of plaids keeping in mind the terrain of their estates. Soon this style picked up to be the symbol of their clan. Since then the checks have come a long way in terms of fashion.

Checker Suit In the recent times the checker suit for men have started gaining a level of popularity that was unknown before. Whether be it London, Milan or Paris fashion week the checker suit style is seemingly dominating. Maybe it is the simplicity of the pattern which attracts the style enthusiasts to it. Checks are very easy to style and is one of the most versatile options that you will see in the market.

So when it comes to mens check suits there are lot of styles that you can choose from. Based on the purpose of the garment and how you are intending to style it you can filter out the options to get the one that you need.

The first type of check that we are going to see is the tartan check. This fashion dates back to the 17th century when these patterned garments were used as the symbol of rebellion of Scotland against England. After that in the 1960s they became one of the most sought after styles when it comes to mensworkwear shirts. This is one of the original checker style that is known to mankind. This is one of the rare styles of check that you will get in any color way.

The next type of checksuits that we are going to discuss about is the blackwatch suits. These checker suits usually come in a combination of three colors which is emerald green and midnight blue squares which are separated by means of black lines. This is a refined style of checker suits that gives you a more traditional look.

Checker Suit Gingham suits are one of the most popular type of suits. They had their prime time in the 1960s. These are usually made of mini square checks and come in two colors.Black and suits are one of the most famous type of gingham suits that you can find. The gingham check are also popularly known as the tablecloth pattern since it started out with that and later spread to jackets and vests in later times.

windowpane suits were the trend at the 1940s. Windowpane checks consists of wide rectangle patterns that look like the series of window panes. Most of the time the window are available in white and off white colors. This is one of the famous styles of check suits even today and are used when you want to make a bold statement. When styling the window pane suits keep in mind your body type. If you are a short and big person then you can go with vertical window pane patterns which will make you look taller and leaner. On the contrary if you are a lean person who would like to look a little more broad then you can go with windowpane patterns that are more of a square than being a rectangle. Another great advantage with the window pane is that you can easily use them as separates.

Glen or the Prince of Wales check is named after the Duke of Windsor who helped popularize the design at that time. This pattern consists of small and large checks that usually come in muted colors like gray and blue.

Checker Suit If you are getting the check for formal purposes like work wear then you can go with Prince of Wales check or a navy suit in gingham. Mens traditional bold checker wool suit also will do good for formal atmospheres. If you are styling it for semi formal events like mens wedding suits then you can go with a little more casual styles like window pane check and tartan checkMens linen checker suits and mens cotton suits are the ones that are most preferred for these events.

For formal events you can pair the suits with a crisp plain shirt and a textured tie for a classy look. For the semi formal look or casual look you can pair them with amens checker shirt or a mens checker vest. But when pairing checker garments make sure that the two patterns do not clash with each other. The best option is to wear any one checker garment. For example if you are wearing a checker suit then go with plain shirt and vest. But if you are wearing mens checker vests or mens checker shirts then go with plain suits. The fit of the check suits matters a lot since it draws attention easily. Go with slimmer options like mens slim fit suits and mens skinny fit suits for a chic look.

After selecting the pattern of the suits that you need the next thing that you will have to do is to style it right.