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Orange Tuxedos

Orange Tuxedo When we talk about mens tuxedos , we instantly picture black tuxedos. But in recent times the colored tuxedos are trending all over the world and it is time that you get to know the fashion. While the Midnight blue tuxedo and the navy tuxedos are being accepted as formal wear for a long time now the bright colored tuxedos are still a rare sight. This may be because of the fact that people consider it hard to pull off. In this article we are going to discuss about one such bright colored tuxedo which are the orange tuxedos and how best to style them.

Orange is a beautiful color that gives a warm look. Also orange is one among the rare colors that work great with almost all skin tones. Hence it is best to style orange tuxedos when it comes to bright colored ones. The main thing with selecting the colors of the tuxedo is that you need to consider the formality of the event that you are dressing to. Orange tuxedo will never be appropriate for strictly formal events that require you to be in a dress code. But when it comes to casual and semi formal events you can easily pull off the orange tuxedo. Therefore make sure that you are styling the orange tuxedo to the proper event.

Orange Tuxedo While styling orange tuxedos the details matter the most. Styling an full orange tuxedo might be the look for costume parties but other than that it is not recommended. Instead you can wear the orange tuxedos jacket with black dress pants for a formal look. Orange tuxedos jacket with black dress pants create a proper contrast thus in turn making your look stand out among the crowd. If you aren't convinced still you can go with an all white look while wearingan orange vest on top.

The details on the orange tuxedo jacket also matters a lot. For a more distinguished look you can go with orange tuxedo jacket with black lapels and black pockets. In these styles the lapels and trimmed pockets on the orange tuxedo jacket are black in color. These details on the jacket in black color when paired with black pants will create a balanced look. Go with peak lapel tuxedos for a formal look. Shawl collar orange tuxedosare the best when it comes to dressy events like prom and weddings. Orange Tuxedo

As for the color of the shirt you can pair the orange tuxedo with a white shirt for a proper formal look. For a more dressy casual look you can go with pairing the orange tuxedos with black silk shirt. You can wear a black bow tie for formal events. If you do not like the bow tie look then you can go with a black long tie. As for the number of buttons on the orange tuxedo jacket single button orange tuxedo and double button orange tuxedo are usually recommended unless you are a very tall person.