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Green Tuxedos

Tuxedos are one of the most important part of dressing up when it comes to mens wear. Tuxedos are not a new style and have been in style for more than a century. Even before the tuxedo style that we have now originated the basic of the mens tuxedos were from the evening suit with tails. After this men wanted to have a more casual style than the one with tails and as a result tuxedo without tails which is the style that we have now originated. Therefore the styles of mens wear have always changed according the need of the men at the respective times.

Green Tuxedo Green Tuxedo Green Tuxedo
One of the most important aspect that we will have to consider is the color of the tuxedo for men. Nowadays most men tend to stick with the black tuxedo as the basic for all formal events including the ones. We all agree that black tuxedos are one of the most formal style there is and also that can easily work for any type of event. But if you aren't the person who regularly attends these type of strictly formal events or already have a black tuxedos and is looking for a new one then it is time to add some colors to your wardrobe.

Now adding colors to your tuxedos may make you think that it is the option for celebrities and models but that is not always the case. There are some colors of mens tuxedos other than the black ones that will still make you look classy and sophisticated. There was a time in history where the black tuxedos were replaced with other color tuxedos. At those times the midnight blue tuxedos were preferred more than the black tuxedos since they were known to look blacker than black in the artificial light. Also the black tuxedo can sometimes look dull and worn out but that is not the case with the midnight blue tuxedo.

Green TuxedoSo it is prime time that you try out new colors of mens tuxedos that will make you look classy and great. Black tuxedos are obviously the staple of the formal events but that is not the case with the semi formal and casual events where you can wear a tuxedo. One of such great color when it comes to wearing a tuxedo is the green. Green is such an underrated color when it comes to mens wear. Men often tend to stick with the usual colors that they feel comfortable with and ignore the other ones or shy away from trying it out. This is especially true when it comes to formal wears like suits and mens tuxedos. The suits that men select often fall in the range of classic ones like the black, navy and grey. But if you are already bored of always wearing these colors or the shades of these and are trying to go with new styles then you can try out green. Green is a great color when it comes to formal wear. The key to styling green as a formal wear is in selecting the shade of the green.

When it comes to tuxedos make sure that keep in mind the shade part. When you are selecting the shade of the tuxedo then you will have to keep in mind the event for which you are purchasing the garment and the season at which you plan to wear the outfit. Green tuxedos come in various styles and shades and you can select them according to your taste and need. If you are thinking of using the green tuxedo for formal events then you should always stick with the dark shades of the green tuxedos. These dark green tuxewill make you look formal that can be a easy replacement for the black tuxedos. These green can be worn to events that come with the dress code stating optional in it. This means that the host gives you the option of wearing other colors in case of you not possessing the black tuxedo style. For these dark greens you can go with the shades of tuxedos like the olive green tuxeds , forest green tuxedo and such king of styles. When it comes to the tuxedo style it is always best to go with single breasted styles since the ones are considered to be more formal than the former style thus restricting their usage to certain events.

Green TuxedoNow concerning the events some of them where you can easily rock these green tuxedos styles is the proms and weddings. prom tuxedos nowadays are getting more exciting and fun also in terms of dressing. So if you are thinking about going in the formal style of tuxedos to your prom night then you can forgo the usual black tuxedo and try out the green tuxedo style so that you can stand out from the crowd and also at the same time make an impression on your date. Also another tip while dressing for the prom night is to always dress comfortably so that you might not feel uncomfortable when on the dance floor or if the fun gets extended.

The next thing that would make a great spot for trying out green tuxedo style is the weddings. If the wedding be it yours or someone else's consider the season in which it is taking place . If it is a winter wedding then as we said before go with dark shades of green tuxedos. But if the wedding is in the warmer months like summer and spring and better yet if it is set in the outdoor area like the beach weddings then there are many options. You can go with lighter and brighter shades of like lime green tuxedo, hunter green tuxedos. You can also go with silk green tuxedo or velvet green tuxed that would give you a great unique look. For further options of green tuxedo, there are floral printed green tuxedos black lapel green tuxedo, paisley green tuxedo, green sequin tuxedos and many more.