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James Bond Grey Suit

Dark Charcoal Grey Almost no men would disagree on the fact that james bond grey suits is perfect. I am not even talking about the person playing the role. James Bond is a brand and any men who come under the brand is not so surprisingly perfect. This to some extent is because of the characters wardrobe choice. The james bond grey suits that he wears along with his charming personality will let him blend in with any crowd despite him being a high end spy. Now we can all dress like him because it is not hard at all. But what is hard is that you will have to carry the outfit with some level of confidence so that you do the character justice.

Now if you are true fan though James Bond is often associated with black tie, another thing that he frequents more than the black tie is his gray suits. Grey is a perfect color for the character since it is so common that it blends perfectly. And this is what is required by a spy who is under the cover of a businessman. Now some may argue that grey is a boring color but if you play with the shades of the color it might turn into the most exciting color. As it is on the lighter side you can also easily incorporate into it patterns and textures. James Bond knows exactly what to do with the color since in From Russia with Love alone he wears five different grey suits and most of it is different from each other.

Midnight Blue Tuxedo Now grey is a good color for office use since it is a bland color and thus pairs well with almost any colors. Also the neutral color makes it so that you can wear it anywhere without drawing unnecessary attention. Now as for James Bond the grey suits that he wears incorporates some kind of pattern or texture thus never being completely solid grey. Solid grey is extremely flat and boring thus it is better to avoid it ( even a spy who wants to desperately blend in avoids it). The typical Bonds style is wool flannel without a fuzzy weave. The flannel clothes are woven from yarns of multiple shades of the required color so that it could give a livelier look to the garment. The grey flannel suits that Bond wears is a valuable piece since it is always sharply cut and is of rich cloth.

As for warmer times Bond sticks with light grey plain weave worsted wool suits or mohair blends or worsted. Like in the flannel garments this light worsted suits and the charcoal suits are all woven with yarns of multiple shades of grey thus adding a flair to the otherwise boring solid grey.

Now for the solid james bond grey suits in non wool clothes he uses textures so that the look is maintained. In Casino Royale he is seen wearing a textured open weave and that too in linen. While many argue against linen for its creasing factor, Bond sports the rumpled fabric in style.