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3 Button Blazers

3 Button Blazer When choosing the suit there are many things that we note starting from the fabric of the suit to the color of it. While these are some of the most important details there are some smaller ones that we tend to ignore or just not pay too much attention. One among them is the number and arrangement of the buttons on the suit jacket. Most would never think much of it and just pick out the 2 button blazers since they are the usual choice. But there is a lot of things that are influenced by this and it is important for you to know those before you make a choice. In this article we discuss the 3 button blazers and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

The first thing that matters the most is the number of buttons on the suit jacket or blazers. Contrary to what you may think the single button blazer looks much different than the 2 button style and the same goes for the three button blazers. The number of the buttons on the suit jacket affects the length of the lapels and also the length of the open V that you will have in the front. This directly influences the look of the wearer since a deep V open front can make the wearer look taller and thus going with the blazer with less buttons might be a good choice for the shorter men. On the contrary if you are a tall person and have inches to spare then you should go with three or the four button blazers since the higher V front will balance out the long legs look for you.

Other than the number of buttons the positioning of the buttons on the blazer also influences the look. The buttons should never be placed too apart from one another since in that case they can easily get the tension and create the x creases at the sides. When you are choosing the three button blazers it will be best for you to check out the size and select the one that will best suit your body type. When choosing the three button blazers there are a lot of styles available and you should go through them to select the one that will suit your need.

3 Button Blazer The fabric of the button blazers matter a lot since they influence a lot of important characteristics of the garment like for example the cost, the comfort of the wearer and also the durability. Thus keep in mind the purpose for which you are getting the three button blazer and what matters to you the most to make the right pick. Wool button blazers are the ones that are most preferred since they offer the most standard look that you can wear both to formal and casual events. There are also variations available like the flannel button blazers and worsted wool three button blazers. They are durable and can be availed in reasonable cost.

Mens tweed blazers are thicker and give you a distinguished look when compared to the others. For summer and spring use go with the light weight ones like the cotton blazers and linen three button blazers. These mens blazers are breathable and they can keep the wearer comfortable even when the temperature is high. While these are the usual choices you can try out a richer style when you want a garment that you can wear to the special occasions. Silk blazers and casual velvet blazers are the best for these occasions since they can make you stand apart with their natural sheen even if you go with the usual color choices. When you need cheap three button blazers you can choose to go with synthetic fabrics like the polyester blazers and rayon blazers.

As for the color of the blazers you can choose the one that you think will be most appropriate for the event that you are attending. For example when you need to dress for the formal event like for a business dinner or even to a regular office day then you can choose to go with the classic choices like the navy blue blazers or the charcoal grey blazers. But if you think that these colors are too formal then you can try out the darker ones like the burgundy blazers and emerald green blazers since they are becoming increasingly popular in the recent times.

3 Button Blazer The summer and spring events would call for a more casual style and you can choose to go with the lighter colored three button blazers for these events. For example if you are attending a beach wedding then you can choose to go with the 3 button white wedding suit if you are the groom or a casual cream blazers if you are the guest. When you need a style that is more on the formal style then you can choose to go with the mens 3 button vest blazers. The addition of vest to the outfit makes them look more formal thus making you stand out from the rest going with the usual 2 piece suit look. When you are dressing for a casual party like event then you can try out the flashier styles like gold best button blazers or the pink three button blazers. Usually most men tend to go with the solid plain blazers since they are the easiest styles to pull off. But when you need a different style then try out the patterned ones. When you need a formal style then go with striped blazers or windowpane blazers. But when you need a more casual style then go with the plaid blazers or the 3 button grey check blazers.