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Tuxedo Shirt When it comes to menswear there are a lot of varieties but it can be intricate so much so that you can easily consider two different styles to be one and the same. This is one of the reasons why most men do not know the difference between the dress shirt and a tuxedo shirt. As for their defense they almost look the same and have similar construction but devil is in the details. In this article we discuss the men's tuxedo shirts, what distinguishes them from the usual shirt styles and types available from which you can make your pick.

The mens tuxedo shirts are mostly worn with the mens tuxedos or the dinner jackets since they give out a formal and dressed up look when compared with the usual dress shirts. For the eyes of the amateur there might not be much difference to point out but there are details that distinguishes the tuxedo shirt from the dress shirt as clear as a day. The design of the tuxedo shirts are specially done so that they look streamlined with the tuxedo you are going to wear it with. The tuxedo shirt mens are more of an elegant style of the dress shirt and are not meant to be worn with the suits and other less formal garments.

The difference of the tuxedo shirt starts from the basic which is the fabric from which it is made from. The classic tuxedo shirt should be crisp and comfortable to wear. Usually the tuxedo shirts are made from 100% cotton since cotton is the most natural and breathable material which can be used for the formal garment. Now if you consider the 100% cotton shirt to be too costly you can opt for the blends but it is best to stick with the pure ones to get the authentic look.

Tuxedo Shirt Essentially the cotton tuxedo shirts are made of two types of weaves and each have their unique characteristics. Twill weave tuxedo shirts are usually thicker and tighter. It is an opaque weave which comes with a bit of texture to it. Since they are not very light they have a better drape and are less prone to wrinkling. Broadcloth weave tuxedo shirts are tighter and comes with reduced sheen and texture. These types of mens tuxedo shirts are lighter and thinner than the twill type weaves. They can have a visible range of transparency and are more prone to wrinkling. Now there are varieties within each of these weaves especially the broadcloth and you can go through them to find the one that will best suit you.

As for the color of the tuxedo shirts the recommendation usually stops at white. There is no better choice than the white tuxedo shirts for any occasions be it formal or casual. But when you want a different style and are daring to move out from the classic bubble then you can try out the colored ones like the red tuxedo shirt and black tuxedo shirt. But when you are attending a formal events that requires you to be in a proper dress code never stray away from the mens white tuxedo shirt style.

The tuxedos have been in use for a long time now and since the tuxedo shirts are an essential part of this ensemble they also have gone through the tests of time. Now there are a lot of styles in the mens tuxedo shirts and you can choose the one that suits your personality the best. If you are a fan of James Bond you would have noted that the man loved to wear the tuxedos and being the long franchise it is the man has worn every type of tuxedo shirts to try. Here are some tuxedo shirt styles that would help you pick the best tuxedo shirt style for you.

If you are a person who does not like to fuss over the outfit much and would settle for the simplest style then you should go with pique bib tuxedo shirt. This long sleeve tuxedo shirt style would appear like a normal dress shirt on the first glance but there is more to it. This formal tuxedo shirt comes with a bib which is the second piece of fabric that is sewn on the shirt. This bib covers the front part of the shirt, the collar and the cuffs which are essentially the parts that are visible even after the jacket is worn over the shirt. This is the most basic tuxedo shirt style and it would help your tuxedo shine while being the complementary garment at the back.

Tuxedo Shirt Now if you are a person who believes that a man should go out on his dressing atleast once in a while then you should try out the pleated tuxedo shirt style. These shirts have a bib and also excess fabric that is repeatedly folded to give a visual effect to the garment. The pleated tuxedo shirt is as formal as the pique bib tuxedo shirt but would give you a slightly flashier look when compared with the former. There are different styles in this pleated tuxedo shirt style which comes with different widths of the pleats but in recent times the ones with narrow pleats are considered to be the most stylish. Tuxedo shirt with plackets are the most common style in recent times next to the pique bib shirts. These comes with a piece of fabric that covers the buttoning area of the tuxedo shirt.

Other than this there are also other details to check out like the tuxedo shirt collar styles and french cuff tuxedo shirt styles. As for the fit of the tuxedo shirt it is mostly recommended to go with the slim fit tuxedo shirts for men but when you need a roomier style go with the classic fit tuxedo shirts. There are also contemporary stylish tuxedo shirts styles in the market like mens tuxedo tshirt, tuxedo graphic shirts and plaid tuxedo shirts.