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Navy Windowpane Suit

Navy Windowpane Suit The old styles are making a comeback and windowpane suits with it. It is more of a bolder look than casual. It gives a flamboyant look that excludes a calm and collected vibe. It is hard to believe that this style was out of fashion for a long time but with it back it is time to know more about this elegant style.

Windowpane suits gets its name from the patterns on the suit which consists of thin or thick lines that cross each other to form a grid pattern that looks like a old style windowpane. Windowpanes are more of a maverick style mostly preferred by men who likes going their own way and literally cares nothing about what others think. A person who is new to patterns may easily feel intimidated by this but windowpanes are easier to pull off than you think. And that is why increasing number of men are now adopting the look in their daily lifestyle. Windowpane suits are now being used as office wears with casual wears being permitted with changing times.

Navy Windowpane Suit Windowpane suits are the best if you want a slimming effect. The patterns on the suits are rectangular in shape than they are square. When a largely built man needs a slimmer look it is better to opt for rectangular patterns that gives an elongated look that makes the person look taller thus giving a slimmer fit look. On the same time if you want a beefed up look it is good to select a square pattern. These suits are the best for men who find it hard to coordinate their outfit. It gives a simple look that is easy to don without the complications of choosing the matching colors and patterns for shirts and ties.

If it is for a formal event it is better to choose classic colors like black, navy and grey. Navy is the best color to choose if you need the outfit to be used as an office wear. Navy blue suits is the most preferred color when it comes to professional color. It is opted by all age groups since it gives a younger look.

Navy Windowpane Suit When it comes to selecting the shirt for a navy blue windowpane suit then there is a lot of options. It is better to choose a color that matches with the color of the pattern on the suit jacket. White shirt works well with any color. While selecting a tie it is better to go with darker colors like brown and burgundy. If you want to go for a patterned shirt keep in mind the pattern on the jacket. If the pattern on jacket is wide and large it is better to go with close knit patterns on the shirts and ties. This look as a whole would more likely be appropriate for more casual events like weddings and parties since they can give out a apathetic feel which may not be the right look for serious business meetings. Thus knowing the basics is the key to rocking the outfit that you love.